No Gym Membership? 8 Ways to exercise without one

8 Ways to exercise without one

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to get fit. Gears like dumbbells, exercise bands, and push-up bars are rather inexpensive.

But even with no props, best results are possible by simply using your own body weight through resistance and high-intensity cardio routines. You can build muscles, burn calories and lose weight from the comfort of your home. The options are limitless. There is a workout routine for every age.

With that in mind, here are 8 ways to train your body without going to the gym.


8 Best workout routine to get fit — sans equipment


1) Surprising benefits of running (and walking)

Forget expensive treadmill or elliptical. Just your two legs and a good pair of running shoes will do for this one. When you redirect 80 percent of your energy to cardio, your body will start transforming automatically.

You won’t find runners and cyclists usually doing spot training. Rather they focus on cardio. Those magazine-fit abs of swimmers, athletes are not a resultant of crunches, but a clean diet and tremendous amount of cardio.

If you are new to this, try walking or running a slow jog, not for more than 30 minutes in the beginning. Later add 5 to 10 minutes increments with each passing week.

2) Do the perfect squats

No equipment required, squats are undoubtedly the best exercise your body can get. You can go slowly up the difficulty level as you get comfortable for best results. Here’s how squats are done:

Step 1: Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Swing your arms straight in front of you.

Step 2: Now push your hips and butt back while bending at the knees.

Step 3: Keep your chest up and back flat. Look straight.

Step 4: Squat down as low as you can in this position. And then rise back up with the support of your heels to the starting position.


3) Get results with push-ups

Push-ups engage the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core making it an extensive muscle-building workout. For instructors at the best fitness center in Raja Park, Jaipur, push-ups are kind of a big deal and expect you not to skip them.

Step 1:  Place both hands on the ground slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Step 2:  Gradually lower your whole body until your chest almost touches the ground.

Step 3: Keep your glutes squeezed and tense your abs as you start lowering and raising your body.

4) Crunches for six packs

 Crunches are good too. They help you tone your midsection and strengthen the core. Developing core strength leads to overall body strength and muscle building. But hey! Don’t go for unrealistic dreams. Women with a healthy body mass index may not succeed in getting a six pack. Maybe because of their genetic composition and that’s okay. Crunches are still good. Here’s how you do them:

Step 1: Lay flat on the ground (preferably on a mat for comfort).

Step 2: Bend your knees while placing your feet flat on the ground.

Step 3: Cross both arms and place them in front of your chest.

Step 4: Now you need to lift your shoulders up. Exert pressure on your abdominal muscles in the process. Take a slight at the peak of the movement.

(Remember: Do not lift your entire back off the floor to avoid back strain).

Step 5: Contract your abs and exhale as you go up and inhale and ease yourself while you lay back down. If you are a beginner, do this for two to three sets of 10 reps.

5) Always take the stairs

Elevators are a time saver and appealing to hop-in when you are going to (say) the 7th floor. But don’t! Always take the stairs. It can make a huge difference. Though results are not seen automatically, they build up over time.

Then again, on days when you are too lazy to exercise, just walk up and down the stairs of your own house (provided if you have one). Climbing stairs has the capacity to burn more calories per minute than compared to calories burnt while jogging.

6) Get super creative.

 Flash your creative instincts in the right direction. What are those things in your house that weigh more than a pound and easy to hold? See where we are going with this. Use them as weights while doing your squats. Also, furniture can make good exercise equipment. An example, step-ups on a chair.

7) Strengthen bodyweight with burpees

 When there are no chin-up bars or even a tree where you can hang off and the only equipment around you the floor (not that much of equipment. But you get our point, right?), you may find it difficult to work your back.

In that case, you can go for a classic burpee with lat involvement. It will give your body the same effect of doing pull-ups without the need to find something to hang from.

Step 1: Squat down and shoot your legs back to the extent that you reach pushup position.

Step 2: Jump your legs back up and land them outside your hands.

Step 3: Get your legs back into position with your lats and come up.

8) At home triceps dips

For women, the back of the arm is where you carry a lot of weight genetically, and you won’t want to lose weight in that place. Triceps dips are what you need. And no, you don’t need a dip machine but your own body weight. Find out how:

Step 1: Sit at the extreme edge of a chair and place hands over the edge. Both knuckles should point forward.

Step 2: Next, bend your legs in 90-degree with your feet pointing ahead.

Step 3: Lower your shoulder with elbows close to your side. Now, bend them to 90-degree angle bringing your butt near to the floor.

Step 4: Take a pause and go back to sitting position with the heel of your palm. Assuming you are a beginner, go for two sets of 10.

These are simple, no-cost workouts effective enough to put your body right on track. Try them out to feel the difference.