Why are animated videos best for your upcoming 2019 YouTube channel?

animated videos

YouTube is the third most visited search engines after Google and Yahoo! And having a YouTube channel means to have popularity through the video content.

For the marketers, it has been easier to use the video content marketing strategy to elevate businesses around the globe.

Animated video is a smart tool that can help a person comprehensively tell their story. In fact, 65 percent of the people are visual learners.

Did you know, 90% of the information that is transmitted by our brain in visual?

According to the molecular biologist John Medina, our vision is the most dominant sense that takes up half of our brain’s resources. Because of this reason, the visual information is processed about 60,000 times faster than the written content.

Studies have shown that there has been an increased shift towards the visual content on social media.

Only Facebook averages about 4 billion video streams every day. Including the video content for marketing can increase conversions by 80 percent and about 64 percent of them are more likely to buy your product online or at least compel them to research your product further.

Most people -entrepreneurs and regular YouTubers – take the benefit from YouTube video maker to make a perfect animated video for their YouTube channel. So if you have not added animated videos to your content marketing strategy, it is high time that you take advantage of it to market your product now.

The question that might strike your mind may be why use animated videos?

The answer is quite simple! It is hard to get the viewers’ attention through the noise of various companies on YouTube. You need something engaging to grab the attention of your targeted audience. And a talking head or a boring explainer video won’t be able to do the trick. On the contrary, an animated video is both engaging and explanatory; it is sure to get you the attention your company or business needs.

Majority of the consumers prefer video content than reading about the company’s services. These videos can generate more leads and can be used for more conversions. There will be a lot of experimenting to find out what kind of animated video best suits your brand and product.

Animations, talking heads, CGI or live action video, how to introduce your products, explain and adding a call to actions in it is all part of the video making process. All in all, the animation is still the best way to present your company and brand to the world.

Below are some reason as to why you need to have animated videos on your YouTube channel in 2019:

Animation keeps the viewer’s attention

Internet users have a short attention period to spend on a video or an article. Animations evoke emotions that compel the users to stick to the video. It is the reason why conversations start between you and the consumer and what makes them follow your story.

It simplifies difficult topics

Animations can bring your ideas to life in the simplest way possible. Think about it! The animation is an imaginative playground in which you can play with the characters and make them do whatever you want them to do. With animation you can show your process and mechanism of your work, explaining even the most complex ideas with ease and simplicity.

Animations bring back memories

The kids of late ’90s would associate cartoons with the good part of our childhood. Animations can make us sentimental and nostalgic which is one of the most powerful emotions that we feel. Studies have shown that nostalgia has the strength to filter out the negativity and fight depressions. This makes it more of a reason to include it in the marketing strategies.

It is fun and engaging

As mentioned before, the audience likes to be entertained, and if everybody is going to talk business, people are more likely to lose their interest. The more entertaining your video is on YouTube, the more people are going to share it, in return adding more leads and conversions to your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of industry your business belongs to if you think a kind of video will suit your business, then go for it. Marketers from prominent companies have recognized this trend and used it for their benefit.

Animations are cheap to produce

Apart from all the advantages mentioned above, an animated video is cheap to produce and get more return on investment. You would need actors, a crew, director, writers and a whole team of videographers and makers to shoot a single live action video which will take much investment to make a video. Instead, you just need a fraction of your time and a little effort to look for a designing or animation company to create a perfect explainer video.

What does the future hold for video advertising?

With the increasing shift towards animations, it can be said that adding animations to marketing strategies is likely going to increase the ROI and it will generate more leads and conversions to your company. Videos will become a dominant aspect to convey the information to the world by 2019.

The animation is the best forms for YouTube marketing and considerably less expensive than other types of videos. Instead of spending a lot of time in search of the right people for your TVC just make an animated video in a fraction of your precious time.


A video is a powerful tool that can be used for marketing and letting the word out for your business. Research has shown that the audience considers to watch an engaging video rather than reading a text. When you come to market via YouTube, don’t forget to add animations in your channel. It might be just what you need to generate leads and make more sales.