What are the Benefits of PBX Software and top 5 Reasons to Choose it For Business Communications

PBX Software

Communications forms one of the pillars of business. Create a strong foundation and you have a formula for success. There are compelling reasons to choose IP PBX software for business communications and it brings manifold benefits.

Features of modern IP PBX software

In order to understand the many benefits that businesses can derive from a technologically superior IP PBX implementation, one must know its features. A typical modern PBX software solution based on open source FreeSWITCH platform can handle 1000 or more concurrent calls in a secure way.

There are other useful call features that the now obsolete PSTN PBX lacks such as phonebook, recording, voicemail, caller ID, barge in, whisper, call forwarding, call screening and fax to email to fax to mention a few.

You can expect DID management, multi-level interactive voice response, CRM integration, paging and web conference facility including audio and video chats if it includes WebRTC. Any modern IP PBX software would have these including the facility of mobile integration. All these features lead to umpteen benefits for a business of any size, regional or international in nature.

Benefits of PBX Software

From the business point of view PBX software brings in many benefits some of which are:

• Cost reduction: PSTN call rates vary according to distance. With IP PBX implementation call rates, even international call rates, drop dramatically. The software has the least cost routing feature to further optimize costs.

• Voicemail, fax, and email integration lead to better communication and interaction with vendors and clients.

• Call recording helps management analyze performance and improve processes.
Analytics and reporting give insights into use patterns.

• The software can be easily transferred to another location whereas hard-wired PSTN PBX would need extensive work with consequent delays.

• If a hosted PBX is in place then one can scale up or scale down operation on a pay as you go basis.

• There are savings in hardware and infrastructure since a webRTC enabled PBX permits use of mobiles and desktops with headsets for communications. Even otherwise one can use simple IP Phones of any brand and customize keys.

• Backend CRM integration with IVR means callers get fast response and a measure of self-service while being able to reach an executive on his mobile at any time if personal attention is required.

These are the tangible benefits. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are intangibles that have far greater value.

Reasons to switch to IP PBX software

• Callers these days may use voice call, chat, fax, email or even video chat to communicate. The PBX software from the right vendor incorporates and integrates all these in a seamless way. You can receive a fax and then call the party or leave a voicemail message and then take it up on audio or video chat. Potential customers turn to actual buyers. Existing buyers receive fast responses and stay loyal.

• IVR, mobile integration and CRM integration lead to better customer experience. Delighted customers stay loyal and buy more.

• Audio-video chat and WebRTC integration enhance interaction with customers and also allow employees to collaborate better with each other, regardless of where they are located. One can carry on a conference, invite people to participate and share videos, images, and documents. This speeds up the conclusion of issues and you can make faster decisions instead of wasting time sending emails back and forth.

• The software can be transplanted anywhere unlike hardware PSTN PBX that needs extensive installation. You can change the location of operation and yet your IP PBX system is up and running in less than an hour. If your company has operations in far spread locations and you have a mobile workforce as well as a network of agents, you can get multi-tenant IP PBX that will present a unified communication front while letting you monitor and manage all such “tenants”.

• The above four are convincing enough but one that is of no less importance is cost. You increase communication lines and you keep paying more in a traditional system. With IP PBX this is not an issue. Further, whether it is a local, regional or international call, the IP based calls cost far less.

It is easier to manage and monitor multiple locations and prevent the unauthorized or fraudulent use of your system due to the inbuilt features of analytics and reporting. The dashboard also permits managers to set rights and permissions.

It gets even better when you opt for a hosted IP PBX. The vendor takes care of technology upgrades. You pay as you go with no cash upfront. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they can contact you any time through any channel.

One of the best IP PBX Software out there includes standard telephony features along with WebRTC and IVR with backend CRM integration, a well-rounded business communication package that will help your company grow fast, save costs and attract more customers.