All You Need to Know About Best Content Management Tools Available

Best Content Management Tools Available

In today’s time where everything has been digitalized, competition amongst web designers has become stiff. There are many aspects which needs to be taken care of while designing a website, but in the end, content is the king.

If you have good content then no one can beat you, and that is why these web designers seek the help of content management tools available. These tools help to create ultimate content by providing aid in managing and editing the content.

Out of all the platforms available, three big names that rule this market areDrupal, WordPress, and Joomla. These platforms provide good aid in developing a good content. However, there are some other platforms as well which are rarely used but cannot be underestimated.

Here are the details of these available content management platforms:


As per statistics almost 37,000 developers are associated with Drupal. It has almost 2000 themes and carries around 29,000 modules. It is an open source CMS, that makes it user-friendly. The versatility of this platform allows developers to build almost everything from applications for large enterprises to basic blogs. It allows users to work at ease. It serves many functions and nonprofit publishing and site buildings are readily available on this platform making it convenient for users.


This one is the most liked and widely used content management system used by developers. When it started it was not such a big affair and was mere a blogging platform, but over the years its usage has been extended and developers from all around the world are using this platform to produce high-quality content in order to stay at the top on almost every search engine.

It has become the first choice of every developer and has the capability of producing any and every type of content. PHP, CSS and alike platform based themes are available on this platform. Designers also have an option of creating and customizing themes. The interactive user guides available on WordPress makes it convenient to follow the step by step procedure to ease out the working.


The third out of the three biggies available for Content Management system is the Joomla. Out of three top CMS’s, this one is award winning and is the only open source platform which has been able to get 50 million downloads.

Having one-fourth of add-ons as compared to WordPress, this one is more suitable and ideal for developers to develop and provide high-quality content. Big names like Citibank, Harvard University and Quizilla are using this CMS. To extend its services it has partnered with SiteGround with the aim of providing free hosted website solutions.
Other CMS’s available

Wild Apricot:

If you are looking for a membership tool then this one is most suitable. Many Non Profit organizations, clubs, and small-scale units are using this CMS. As per expert developers, it is much better and convenient than Excel and Outlook both. Not only it is able to manage memberships but is the most perfect tool to manage and handle payments, renewals and any sort of events.


This one is the newest addition in the world of CMS, and that is the reason it is not much known or well established. However, the developers who have used it find it promising and well versed with all the integrations and capabilities.

There are many features that require third party intervention in the form of plugins. The best thing is that these plugins are an integral part of the package. Having these plugins there is no need for upgradations.

There are several other CMS available like Rubedo, MODX, X3, Concrete, Radiant and many more. There are few developers who use these CMS individually and there are few who use these in combination.