13 Best Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Degree Programs

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Graphic designing became very popular with the rise of website and application designing. And even now students across the world are learning new methods in graphics.

It is not only limited to website and app development, cover designing, logo designing, word art, and much more thing is there to learn.

Animation lives with designing. And that’s what makes it more Interesting. Here is a guide of the 15 best graphic design programs that offer online bachelor’s degrees:

Best Online Graphic Design Degree Programs:

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1. California Baptist University

All CBU students enjoy this specific choice with quite a few that consider it as being the best Christian Baptist university available. All students enjoy high-quality collaboration opportunities along with a first-class education that is integrated with Christian values and Biblical studies.

2. Liberty University

A major highlight of Liberty University is its Department of Studio & Digital Arts. With a variety of educational opportunities such as an internship, scholarships, student galleries, and organizations as well as flexible online classes, it is not surprising why such a growing number of students have expressed interest in this university.

3. Midway University

The Midway program offers a solid option for graphic design students to receive a 120-credit hour instruction along with several key areas – including digital storytelling, applied graphic design, and Photoshop.

4. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers a wide variety of flexible online classes that will train students in graphic design, advertising as well as marketing and other types of professional communication.

5. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) provides students with access to more than 200 career-centric degree program options in addition to career development programs, internships, and other major resources.

6. Kentucky Wesleyan College

Kentucky Wesleyan College is another great option to consider – especially if you want a religious-based college that is not necessarily a Christian Baptist university. Founded and affiliated with the United Methodist Church since the mid-1850s, this college is still known for providing a top-quality integrated instructional experience.

7. Arizona State University (ASU) Online

ASU Online students can benefit from the 120-credit hour program that allows them to enjoy such topics as digital publishing, commercial print, graphic communications, and design visualization.

8. Savannah College of Art & Design

This college offers a well-integrated core of knowledge through graphic design, technology and practical factors of visual art that will be applied well within the workplace.

9. Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

The curriculum for this college allows students to benefit from a well-grounded knowledge of cultural contexts and their effect on art development as well as design theory and contemporary design skills.

10. Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University students are receiving an instruction based on technological literacy, professional skills and a blend of artistic skills and foundational knowledge that will help them in the workplace.

11. Hodges University

The instructional programs at Hodges University specialize in graphic communication, CAD software, animation, and 3D modeling.

12. University of Maryland

University of Maryland students can build solid foundational knowledge based on cornerstone concepts within the field – such as principles of color theory and composition in addition to design drafting and other interactive solutions.

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13. Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University is known for offering schools their choice of several different schools that offer career-ready programs and instructional courses that will provide professionals with the knowledge and insight that they will need to apply their skills into the workplace.

Final Words:

Now it’s your choice where you want to take admission and do Online Bachelors in Graphic Designing.

You are a Future Graphic Designer 😉