4 Software that Can Make Difference on your Company Website

Software that Can Make Difference on your Company Website

The live help in the form of a chat on a website is an important tool to create a link with the user. Through it, we establish a contact from the point of view of strategic marketing is essential, as it not only allows you to find information but also allows you an interaction that takes place through an exchange of written lines between your web page (than yourself) and a third party (visitor or client).

The user can get in touch with your software or video animation company through the chat and request information on products or services, clarifications on an order, or obtain technical assistance.

That’s why chats live or chatbots must work in the best way, be dynamic, practical and efficient. The software must, therefore, be lean and fast to avoid the prolongation of data processing times and consequently expectations.

Once you have decided to use a chat for your website, there is nothing left to do but have the right tool to be able to implement and use the best, taking the strategic aspect? Here are some live chat tools that make the system work efficiently, giving you the ability to convert simple users into real customers, going through the creation of a real lead generation.

# 1 Zendesk, one of the most used plug-ins for live chats

Zendesk Chat is a very popular plug-in for running a live chat. In addition to the advantage of free, it presents perfect integration with the most common CMS (such as WordPress) and lends itself well to interact directly with users, both to start a new conversation in response to their questions.

Logically there is also a paid version that is much more complete, while the “free” requires a continuous observation of site visitors. In general, it is a tool that offers many variations of use and requires a more in-depth and less immediate approach, especially if you are dealing with a lot of traffic. But the tool is among the best ever and is widespread.

Zendesk is a real interaction platform, useful to provide assistance and to acquire new customers, able to rearrange conversations through live chat, but also via email, telephone and Channels Company.

Versatility, ease of installation, adaptability to your needs, are the three main advantages that Zendesk Chat can offer, becoming a real operational center.

# 2 Tawk.to, a great opportunity to develop your customer care

This plug-in is offered in an interesting and freeway. The basic idea is that you do not have to pay to manage your resource that is customers and users who reach your site and want to interact with you. Tawk.to is able to offer you several free features that are paid for other solutions, such as triggers and automatic replies.

It also guarantees you a continuous monitoring on your site and allows you to model the live chat by setting the parameters according to your needs, even in real time. If you are looking for a method that allows you to develop more commonly what is commonly called customer service or better yet customer care, here is that the plug-in in question really represents a great possibility.

There are many functions that it uses, from the most trivial and friendly (such as the presence of emoticons) to those more complex and strategic.

# 3 LiveChat, (probably) the best way to manage an online conversation in real time

This kind of software is very powerful and can provide highly effective results. Through it you have the opportunity to interact with your visitors in a complete manner, obtaining information and data that can be useful in business and commercial strategy.

If we talk about live chatting, most probably LiveChat is the best system ever to manage an online conversation in real time. Among the various possibilities that the software offers, there are several that make available a series of interesting and important data.

You know the page that at a precise moment the user is consulting, you can find the keyword searched by the visitor, allow access through login from the Facebook profile, know some data of the visitor (e.g. name and email), and manage the chat from digital devices, giving you the opportunity to respond in real time.

The system is paid, with the possibility of having different profiles available, investing less than 20 euros a month. A test version is available for free (with limited functions).

# 4 Live Help, Made in Italy software widely used by commercial companies

Made in Italy for this chat management program that comes with interesting resources available, with affordable prices starting from 5 euros per month. Live Help is widely used by several commercial companies, both for the good number of functions available and for the practicality of use. Being paid, it certainly offers something more than free software.

With Live Help, it is possible to know the pages visited by the client, save the conversations so that they can be resumed later and eventually send them to the user via email, manage the conversation from smartphone and tablet, open video chat, intervene on the graphics aspect of the layout.

Furthermore, the user is allowed to leave a message even at times when there are no operators available. Live Help can also intervene automatically, “managing” the user during the first questions.

Now that you know them, choose the most functional tool for your real needs

Superficially, it would mean that to use the chatbot one tool is worth the other: if on the one hand, it could be so, on the other hand, it is not.

If the live chat is a strategic marketing opportunity for you, you should look carefully at all the possibilities available on the market and choose the plug-in that more than others can be functional to your real needs.

Do not forget that many of them can be tested for free for a certain period of time and then make an assessment. Several tools are free and allow you to already have a package of functions available to offer you different management possibilities and sometimes they can be sufficient.