Make life a little sweeter – This brownie bread is the perfect dessert for you

brownie bread is the perfect dessert for you

People nowadays are having busy schedules and not even living their lives the way they should. Pressure is just ruling their mind and that is what we together need to change.

Having a smooth morning is quite important to move ahead in the day also with happiness. Well, I genuinely feel the right way to feel happy throughout your day is to just have something deliciously sweet in the breakfast like a slice of cake, a cupcake or some cookies.

If you want me to reveal the logic, let me tell you a cake or any baked sweet dessert is usually made with flour, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and salt that ultimately helps your body and mind to stay refreshed.

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Chocolate is best to boost you up and bring sweetness to your nature as well. It stimulates the nervous system to calm it down and boost the mood. Going for this brownie chocolate bread will be a light but fueled with enough energy as an after-breakfast dessert.

We must talk further about this easy to make but a power-packed dose of mood-boosting dessert. Let us make it happen:

1) Single thin bread but made with legendary ingredients:

Let me clear this before I just begin, this dessert is for those people who do not like taking a lot of sweets but undergoing constant tiredness and defocus.

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This brownie bread is made with chocolate, flour, sugar, egg and a little vanilla extract that makes it a baked sponge base but a little crunchy. The thick cross lines of melted dark chocolate make it wonderful.

brownie bread

2) Melted chocolate lines making this brownie bread look attractive:

If this dessert would have been an alone sponge bread only, no one could have even touched it but there is something that is making it special, ‘that melted chocolate lines which are crossed over the bread’.

That melted chocolate is not just a chocolate rather than a mixture of chocolate and vanilla extract that brings out a great taste to this bread. If you do not try this bread, you are making the worst mistake of your life even after having a comprehension of this.

Try this once making it yourself at your home and you will never regret this. This is a do-go thing for every foodie and health conscious person because having a dessert including chocolate at breakfast reduces weight and keep energized more than usual.

3) Give this an extra touch up with raw cocoa powder:

You will not see this in the picture at the top. When I had made this for the first time in my home, I used raw cocoa, though. I did not know its effect but I was curious to do something new.

I had both dark cocoa and white cocoa powder because I did not want to make it a complete chocolaty. I dusted dark cocoa on the half-side and white cocoa powder on the other side. It tasted amazing.

You can also use choco chips, white, dark, or both. It will make your dessert look amazing.


It will make this conclusion simple. Go for this with a birthday cake in Ahmedabad, it is going to be healthy and yummy as well. Just make it happen, you are gonna love this for sure.