Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Air Cooler (Air Cooler Buying Guide)

Air Cooler Buying Guide

Every summer is become horrible without air cooler due to high pollution heat is increasing day by day. If you are having a good air cooler then it will definitely make the summer easy. Many people think that which type of air cooler is best for their room so this Air Cooler Buying Guide is for helping them so that they can get rid of this confusion. Nowadays there is no home which is without air cooler as no one can survive without it.  Air conditioners are center of attraction in summers so you need to buy the best air conditioner for a better experience.

Read the complete Air Cooler Buying Guide to know each and everything about Best Air Coolers.

Guide For Buying Air Cooler

Pros of Air coolers:

1. They are very cost effective as they start from Rs. 7,000 while you will not get an Air conditioner in this budget.

2. You cant buy an Air conditioner for the very big halls so you can buy a good Desert cooler which will be very effective for a big hall.

3. It has not so much operating cost so air cooler will not give a great impact on your wallet. So this will save your electricity bill as well.

4. The air cooler will provide you fresh air blended with the help of the cool water. This is what our nature wants so we are not harming them.

5. Air coolers are Eco-friendly because they are not the reason for global warming just like air conditioners.

6. You can move air coolers easily on the wheels so this is easily portable.

Cons of Air coolers:

Everything which is created in this world has both perspectives so we can’t say that it has only advantages. While the air cooler has some disadvantages also:-

– Air coolers are not made for humid reasons because it releases water in the surrounding air and cools the atmosphere. So if you are in the high humid atmosphere then the air cannot take extra water and you will not get so much cold air.

– The second biggest problem is you have to refill water in regular intervals so it could be annoying for you. As some people are having a very hectic lifestyle so it could be difficult for them.

– This could be very noisy because of the continuous running of the motor and fan.

How to buy air cooler

How Air cooler runs in a better way:

– Clean the air cooler at the beginning of summer, before you start using the cooler.

– Don’t forget to open the windows of the room or door for the better function of the air cooler. If you will close all the doors and windows while the air cooler runs then the humidity in the air increases and air cooler stop functioning.

– Keep the air cooler covered if you are not using it because of this it could be protected from the dust and rats also.

Types of air cooler:

There are two types of air coolers.

1. Personal air cooler which is also known as room air cooler.

2. Desert air cooler

Both the types of air coolers are best for a particular room and environment but they have few differences which have been described below.

Personal air cooler:

This air cooler is designed for small to mid-size rooms. It comes with the water tank capacity of 20 – 30 liters which mostly use blowers for cooling. You will get these air coolers in your budget as it’s price starts from Rs 5,000.

Desert air cooler:

This type of air cooler is used for cooling of medium to large size rooms. It comes with the water tank capacity of 30 – 60 liters which mostly use huge fans cooling. It could be a little bit expensive as its price starts from Rs. 8,000.

Important features of air cooler:

There are a lot of features that you should keep in mind before buying the air cooler. Few features are described below:-

Ice cube tray:

Always go for air cooler which can keep the ice cubes in the top tray of an air cooler. So that when the ice will melt slowly and when the ice melts its ice water gets added to the water tank.

It should be compatible with inverter:

As this is known that best air cooler consumes very fewer powers so it even can run on the inverter. Also, it consumes very less electricity so you can run it on 900 VA inverter.

Remote control:

Nowadays the air cooler comes with the remote control feature so it has become more convenient for you.

Variable speed control knob will change the fan speed:

Also, you can change fan speed by using this variable speed control knob so that you are able to alter to low speed or high speed.

Water level indicator will inform about the quantity of water:

According to the name, the water level indicator will inform you that the water tank is filled or not. This is a very helpful feature while filling the water.

Tower air coolers have the latest technology:

Before buying you should always make sure that air cooler matches the aesthetics of your room. Tower air coolers are the latest design which not only offers the latest technology but also save a lot of floor space.

Multi-functional wheels will make it portable:

Nowadays the air cooler comes with the multi-functional wheels or Castor wheels that make it easy to move air cooler from one room to another room.

Empty tank alarm:

This feature is very much important because when the water level will be dropped below the required level then you will get an alarm of filling the water with the low water alarm. High-end air coolers have a feature like this. If you will run air cooler without water then it can harm your cooler.

Some Air cooler runs without water:

This is the latest invention in the market of an air cooler. If an air cooler runs without water hen you do not need to do any extra effort as it will work automatically. But it has only a few models and they are also not too much effective as their technology needs a lot of improvement.

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