All you need to know about Car Rental Toll Payments!

Car Rental Toll Payments

“Do you know about car rental toll payments? If no, then please give this blog a thorough read.”

We all love the Audis, the Ferraris and more – but yes, buying those cars is next to impossible for most of us. But in today’s date, that does not mean you only have to drive your own sedan. What you can do is rent these cars for special events and occasions.

If you happen to live in LA, then you are quite lucky as there are various car rental companies out here, which offers various makes and models of these exotic fleet. But yes, do you know how and what to pay for tolls when renting a luxury car? If no, then you have landed on the right page, as today, I am going to write about the same.

What you need to understand is this regard is that there are some rental companies that can burn a hole in your pockets. Also, opting for a toll transponder is not a good deal as well. But the good news is that there are again many companies which will not rip you off and you can get great deals from them.

And here are a few tips for you, which will help you avoid paying extra amounts for a rental car toll transponder while availing for Rolls Royce dawn for rent in Los Angeles or some other cars.

All you need to know about Car Rental Toll Payments

Close the transponder: If you have rented a superb car which has an E-ZPass transponder but you do not have the intention to use it, then how about closing it? They are generally in a lead-lined box that opens and closes. This would help you avoid the toll plaza. Use a lane where they accept cash payments which would be way easier for you.

Use cash toll lanes: As I mentioned earlier, you can go for the cash toll lanes. However, this is not applicable everywhere and depends on the place where you are driving. It also depends on if you have hired chauffeurs services or not. If yes, then you might not be able to avoid it all.

Use your own car’s toll transponder: When you go to pick up your luxury car from your car rental, bring your own car’s toll transponder with you. You can then call your provider or simply, log into your account from your phone and add your rental car’s license plate.

Buy your transponder: What? You do not have one already? Then, it is high time you buy one. It is easy to avail and is quite affordable as well.

Again, I am repeating, this absolutely depends on where you live and from where you have hired your car. But I really hope that this will help you save some bucks!

And when it comes to the car, then here are a few more tips for you to save:

  • When you shortlist the companies which you like about hiring luxury cars, make sure you compare the rates.
  • Check if there are any rebates going on or not. Avail them likewise.
  • Do a research on which Exotic Car Rental Companies in Los Angeles offer cars at the best prices and still, give the best service. If needed, ask on social media groups.
  • If you have any queries, ask experts in the question-answer platforms. With the internet, you can always get the best suggestion without trying too hard!

So, make sure you follow these tips as well. I hope that all your confusions are clear by now and you can go ahead and book your favorite car! And to know more, kindly keep following my articles and blogs. I will be happy to enlighten you about the same.