Top 5 Checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing

In this modern world, we have hundreds of different types of smartphones available from the world’s most trusted brands. Almost everyone uses a smartphone for various purposes. In this competitive technology world, all the businesses have their own websites.

If you are looking for a website design company then you should be sure that your website is responsive or not for desktop and as well as for smartphone, because most website designing company doesn’t take care it.

If we talk about the mobile users, around 40% of the web traffic on the websites come from smartphone users. Yes, smartphone users to explore various sites right from their phone’s web browser app.

In fact, all the popular PC web browsers have their own dedicated mobile apps for Android, iOS and all the other mobile platforms available in the market. Today, we have shared the checklist for Google Mobile First Indexing to help you grow your website traffic through mobile users.  

Responsive Design of the Website

Responsive Design of the Website

Most websites use a Responsive theme which is compatible with PCs and Mobiles. The first thing you need to ask the developer of your site and that is about the responsiveness. A responsive website can look the same as you can see it on the web browser.  

A responsive website automatically adjusts the size of it according to the screen size. Users can quickly click the links and explore everything available on the web-pages while they explore the website on their mobile phones. If we talk about the current scenario, most sites are now migrating to responsive design. You should discuss it with the web developer who can design the site as per your requirements.

Check the Speed of your Website’s web pages.

To check the loading speed of your website and its available web pages, there are many types of online speed testing tools available on the web. If your site loads faster on the mobile phones, it will undoubtedly attract more users. Google has its own PageSpeed Insights Tool and Plugins which you can use to check the speed.  

Online speed checking tools show you the overall score of the website from 100. If your site doesn’t have a good score, you should go for the process to improve its speed. Besides this, the Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool also manages unoptimized images and JavaScripts available on different web pages. By optimizing the web pages, the site speed will be increased itself.  

Make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

To make your website’s Interface mobile friendly, Google has its own Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. This tool checks your site and tells you whether it has a mobile-friendly design or not. 

After checking your website’s URL through the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool, the tool will display a message on the screen. If the given URL has a mobile-friendly design, you will receive a message saying “Page is Mobile-friendly.”

Google Search Console  

To optimize your website, Google has the most effective and simple tool known as Google Search Console. This tool lets you see the web pages which are not mobile-friendly.  

If you have a website, you have to check all the URLs of your website on the Google Search Console on a regular basis. The tool shows you the message on the display which allows you to configure your website well.  

The tool has a simple and easy to use interface with easy navigation options. Just pass your website through this Search Console, make use of different sections available on the tool, and you will be able to figure out the actual condition of your website for mobile users.  

Accelerate the Website Pages


There are many ready to use Plugins available for your website to improve its loading speed. To rank well with mobile first indexing, you can make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Implementing AMP is very easy if your website is on the WordPress platform. You can make use of plenty of Plugins to accelerate the speed quickly.  

If you are not using the WordPress Platform, you can discuss it with your website developer who can suggest you use different tools for amplifying the website pages.  

So Guys, hope you will take care of these checklists, and you will focus on Mobile first indexing because Google is continuously working on it.