Combining Instagram With Email Marketing Needs Careful Considerations And Not Wealth Or Time

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Careful considerations of a few factors and points is all that you need if you want to add Instagram elements such as picture, videos and icons and not lots of wealth or time. In short, it is easy, cost effective and result driven. Simply link the elements to the emails and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of your efforts.

If you are an existing user of Instagram, this should sound like a no-brainer to you since you already know how to use Instagram content on your own to get some more new Instagram followers.

However, for beginners there are few factors to take into account depending on your type of industry.

  • You will have to use relevant images that will describe your product or services well. Yes, describe it through images and pictures as these are more powerful than words to create an impact.
  • You may also pairs it with a link or a coupon if you wish as these are some of the the proven elements that act as a huge revenue driver.

Well, if it is so easy and effective then you may wonder where the problem is and why by the name of God you need to be careful. The simple reason behind this is that it is not about attracting or engaging the single person or a small group of followers. It is an entire community that you will need to impress and larger the number of people more will be the difference in opinions and liking. You have to consider them all and then include Instagram elements in your emails so that it is liked and appreciated by all, well at least by the majority of your followers in the community.

User generated content

When you want to reach out to all in the community across all marketing channels you will need to pull out the big gun when you want to integrate Instagram into your email campaign. It is the user-generated contents. The good news is that you will get a lot of UGC to use but the bad news is that you will need to figure out which UGC to feature in your email so that it is specific to your brand.

  • Follow methods down to a science to make the right choice and the best way is to follow similar brands of your products and retailers that have been successful using Instagram leading their way to building a large community about their brand.
  • Make sure that you use only those user-generated photos that will also show who your customers are and what their values are for your business.
  • Add to that make sure that you use their images and quotes only as a social proof. This is an effective tactic that will make communication with them and other followers in the community more trustworthy.
  • You may use an animated GIF if you know how to or contact experts such as Gramista for some useful advice and guidance. This will enable you to inform your email subscribers that they can also follow your brand on Instagram as well. This will also give a nice bonus as it will make your email stand out from the rest in the inbox even more.
  • Use the UGCs along with photos in your newsletters to invite more email subscribers to shop and share your products by connecting the marketing channels well through email footer. Make sure that it features a dedicated hashtag to share the moments of your brand followers.

Lastly, make sure that you end your newsletter in some what inspiring and an interesting way such as adding headlines and captions such as “See you out there” under a beautiful and relevant photo from one of your Instagram followers.

Ways to find UGC

Now that you are ready to start using UGCs in your email campaigns you must know the ways to find these. Ideally, there are two specific ways as follows.

Hashtag engagement

Both online and offline, spread the word among your followers and customers to show them using your product. Make sure that you tag the photo with a specified hashtag.

  • You may ask them to photographs themselves using your product around the hand signage of your store if you are a retail brand.
  • Add to that make sure that you use the same hashtag in all your other marketing efforts apart from your existing email promotions such as on your website, other social channels, and anywhere offline that you think is appropriate.
  • You must also focus on the Instagram bio to encourage your brand loyalty photos. It may be required to customize this message so that it fits in with the personality of your brand and monitor the hashtag. This will help you to engage the fans who are using the hashtag.

Photo contest or challenge

This is a way which is much similar to the hashtag campaign men tined above with the only difference that it comes with a prize and of course with a time limit. However, you can be a bit more creative in this regard than simply taking a picture of a customer who is using your product and posting it to your Instagram account using the proper hashtag. This is because these product pictures will be not appropriate especially if you are working towards running awareness or a specific cause-based marketing campaign.

Instead use lifestyle images from your fans showing their liking and feeling. This will spread the message even more comprehensively and build more awareness of your product and project.

Though Instagram is a lot more lenient as compared with other social media channels regarding contest there are a few things you must still consider and adhere to. Few things that you must include on every post are:

  • Official rules and conditions
  • Time frame
  • How to enter
  • Entrant restrictions and requirements
  • Special conditions and
  • An official disclaimer.

Use unique hastags always for all pictures and photos. For such creation, you can use effective tools like Tag board. This will ensure uniqueness in whichever hashtags you choose.