Your Dogs Nutritional Needs – Low Protein Dog Food

Low Protein Dog Food

Filed under Dog Care Tips We often think of our pets as family members, but the truth is that dogs are not people and dog nutrition needs differ from those of humans.

Sure, they need Low Protein Dog Food, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals just like people do, but in order for your dog to be healthy and have all the energy he needs he will need them in different ratios than you eat your food in which is why feeding your dog from the table only is not the best way to meet his nutritional needs.

All dogs need protein, but some need more than others. Puppies and working dogs will require more to meet their energy needs.

Your dog should get his protein from meat and meat by-products, but be careful about the dog foods you buy and read the labels to be sure what you are getting inside the food.

Just like in people, one of the most misunderstood factor dog nutrition needs revolves around fats. Yes, fats can make your dog fat if he gets too much of them but they are also critical for normal function.

Fats help keep your dog’s coat from drying out and his skin healthy. They also allow fat soluble vitamins to be metabolized by the body.

About half of your dog’s diet should be made up of carbohydrates. This can be in the form of rice, corn, soybeans – whichever you prefer.

Your Dogs Nutritional Needs - Low Protein Dog Food

If your dog develops skin problems, he might be allergic to the type of carbohydrate and you might need to switch from a corn-based food to a wheat-based food or vice versa to rule this out.

Do you take a daily vitamin?

Does your dog?

Yep, dogs need vitamins and minerals too. Basically, all the vitamins we need – C, A, E and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and calcium (to name but a few) are necessary for our dog’s health. And just like in humans they need to be given in the right amounts.

Your dog will probably get a lot of the vitamins he needs from his food, but there are liquid supplements out there that should not be overlooked if you want a healthy pet.

When buying a commercially made dog food to feed your pet, you want to be sure it isn’t loaded with preservative and crappy junk. Your best bet is to read the ingredients list and find out what is actually in the product.

There are plenty of all natural varieties on the market today that will be free of toxins. The higher priced dog foods will most likely have the better quality ingredients which are more easily absorbed and used by your dog’s system.

Although they may cost a bit more, you’ll make out in the long run as your dog nutrition needs will be met and you’ll end up with a healthier dog and fewer Vet bills.

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