Don’t Fall In this Event Management Company’s Trap

Don’t Fall In this Event Management Company’s Trap

What is a major difference between Attending an event and being a part of it?

Events companies are called Dazzling companies but while planning you may miss out on minute details. However, the attendee may not know about those details or the technicality. However, some might observe these details missing! I thought it was an honor to attend an event organized by Rachna Sharma’s Vision 2021. But my impression of their event organizational skills disappointed me miserably.

Rachna Sharma, the founder of Vision 2021 is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, she completed her Executive MBA in Authentic Leadership. With Vision 2021 she aims to provide framework and design to aid the human conscious and train emerging leaders.

Why Not These Event Planners?

We bring you 7 reasons as to why this event management company is fake and doesn’t take the responsibility for its own actions!

Continuous Calling to the Guests

Getting a call from the event planners thrice in a day for the same details and asking if we are attending the event or not is a major put off. Repeated calling and on sending the details there is no confirmation as to what the seat number is, which gate from the venue would be the closest. No details at all!

Slow Registration at the Desk

In the advanced world of technology, why would someone keep a registration desk with printed copies of the guest list? Merely due to this lack of poor management, I got frustrated and even considered leaving the venue. After an hour of wait, I blasted at the event planners and told them I won’t be attending their events anymore!

No Directions to the Venue or the Seats

I was all the more frustrated when the registration desk was far from the entry gate! I was exasperated seeing the mismanagement and the lack of courtesy in the event planners as there was nobody from the team to guide us to the seats. Such a shame!

Boring Format of the Event

When boredom strikes, you tend to sleep. With such a common and boring format of the event, long speeches, technical issues, it was difficult for me to sit through the event, I don’t know why I decided to attend this event. I felt trapped!

Nervous and Tired Coordinators

No enthusiasm in the event planners and the look of tiredness on their faces was another reason why people were feeling sleepy during the event. You can’t look sore or tired on the day of a major event, lack of excitement and mismanagement was a major reason that drives people away from it and boredom strikes quickly.

Repetitive Talks by the Speakers

It is okay to repeat a situation once, but it is off-putting if the speaker says the same thing in a different manner continuously.  Constant blabbering about similar things can actually drive the people nuts! To keep the event fresh and alive, you need not talk continuously but add some entertainment to it as it’s a formal event. You don’t want your guests to be yawning and lazing around. Keep the event fresh!

No WiFi

A major goof-up that even if the WiFi was available, it was poor. The representative of the event did not know the password to the WiFi, there seemed a lack of communication between the coordinators. Ego clashes too made their way through the process of communication.

I swore not to fall prey to this fake Vision 2021 trap by Rachna Sharma. I had the worse experience faced at their event. I don’t know why people get excited in wanting to attend an event by them, it is not even close to ordinary!