6 Exercises That Will Keep You Fit During Travel

Exercises That Will Keep You Fit During Travel

If you are a food lover, then you might look forward to business travel with great zeal because you can get an opportunity to taste different cuisine.

For the fitness conscious amongst us, business travel is not great as they will have to break out from their daily workout regimen. So, how can a fitness conscious business travel stay fit during a business trip?

Here are six simple, yet effective exercises that you can perform easily even when you are traveling for corporate purposes.

1. Squats:

You might be eating a lot of junk food on your business trip. If that is the case, then the light intensity walking session might not be good enough to burn calories you have accumulated over the span of weeks.

That is why you need a high-intensity workout to burn all the extra fat you have gathered around your waist. That is where squats can come in handy. Doing squats for a few minutes can get your heart pumping and drench you in sweating, which is exactly what you want to burn extra calories.

The separate 2-minute squat session with a minute of break time to cool off your body before starting again.

2. Push Ups

Are you feeling stiff? Does the jet lag get the better of you? If yes, then push-ups are a great way to get rid of all the muscle stiffness.

It can enhance your cardiovascular health and improves functional strength of your body. Additionally, you don’t need much space and time to indulge in a short push up session. Do 20 pushups and take a few minutes break.

Repeat the same process and increase the number of pushups slowly. Within a few weeks, you will be able to see positive results as your core body strength increases significantly.

3. Star Jump

Star jump focuses on contracting and stretching your muscles in order to increase your muscular power. If you are feeling stiff and feeling the effects of a long flight or bearing the brunt of jet lag, star jump might come to your rescue. Here is what you need to do to perform star jump.

  1. ⇒ Begin with a relaxed stance, while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, hold your arms as close as possible to the body.
  2. ⇒ To initiate a star jump move, squat down half way and explore back up as much as possible.
  3. ⇒ Extend your entire body fully while spreading your legs and keep the arms away from your body.
  4. ⇒ Now, bring the legs and arms towards the body and land swiftly.

4. Forward to Reverse Lunge

Another exercise that you easily do when traveling for corporate purposes is forward to reverse lunge. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this exercise should be a part of your workout routine.

This exercise does not put a lot of pressure on your body as it is low intensity, but it increases the strength of your hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads.

Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times and it will make you feel better even after a tiring day you spent on best desert safari Dubai.

5. Single Leg Touch Down

Improve your postural control by doing single leg touch down. Here is how you can do single leg touch down exercise.

Stand up on your right leg and place your right hand on the hip. Bend your right knee and try to touch your right foot with the help of left hand.

Strengthen your hip and now return to your original position and perform the same exercise with your left leg. This will help you improve lower body strength and make your core stable.

6. Seated Crunch Twist

If you want to burn belly fat or want to make six pack abs, seated crunch twists are a great option. If you want to do perfect travel exercise that delivers exceptional results, do seated crunch twists. Gently sit on a flat surface bench.

Slowly lean back and lift the legs off the ground. Bend your legs, position your arms and try to strengthen them. Rotate your arms from one side to another.

Doing this exercise will help you stay fit. Burn all those calories you collected on a gourmet dhow cruise dinner in Marina by doing this simple exercise and it will help you stay fit.

How do you stay fit during business travel? Which exercises do you perform during your trips? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.