6 Facts About Quartz worktops You Need To Know Now

Facts About Quartz worktops

With the rising craze for perfectionating the home décor with a serious theme, the fashion for the quartz worktops is now reaching the skies. It is now a high time that you prepare your mind to replace your laminate countertops with the quartz variants.

This comes ahead from the quartz worktops reviews. If you are planning to go ahead with the selection of quartz countertops, these are some of the essential things you need to be aware of.

1. What will your quartz countertops cost you with?

It is one of the essential things we all seek to acquaint us with. Majority of the quartz countertops buyers are desirous to know about the cost that the quartz countertop shall incur. In comparison with its granite counterpart, quartz today stands as little less expensive material. On the other hand, when you compare quartz with the laminates or other solid surfaces, you will come to know the worth of quartz.

Next thing is you need to be precise about the place or shop you intend to buy your quartz countertop from:

Irrespective of directly approaching the large quartz countertop supplying chains, take some spare time out of your busy schedule and research a bit about the different places from where you can opt your quartz worktops. Here, you need to remember about one fact that does not step in the stores that endorse only one particular brand of a quartz countertop.

2. Check for their manufacturing process:

Next time, when you step out to purchase a quartz worktop, you need to be aware of the manufacturing of your manually engineered quartz worktops. Quartz countertops represent a complete blend of stones in addition to the resin. Moreover, as these two components blend with perfection, the resulting surface is robust and available in a wide array of attractive colors.

3. What makes quartz stand different from granite?

The non-porous nature of quartz is due to the presence of a blend of polymers and resins. It is this non-porous nature of quartz which makes it impervious to staining process. Due to the presence of resins and polymers, quartz imbibes the properties of being reckoned as both scratch and chip resistant. This resistant nature of quartz imparts a higher degree of flexibility to this manually engineered stone rather than its granite counterpart.

4. Quartz Worktop Maintenance:

When you look at the quartz worktops from all perspectives, it is comparatively cheaper for maintenance. General cleaning with warm and soapy water is sufficient enough to care for your quartz countertops. Concerning the cleaning and maintenance of your quartz worktops, you need to avoid the use of abrasive cleansers as well as the chemicals of harsh and inert nature.

 5. What about the color options available with the quartz worktops?

Since your quartz stone is manually engineered, it is possible for you to have a broader range of colors. The allure of the quartz worktops are not only related to different colors produced by addition of resin or polymer pigments, but the market also has a broader array for notorious specks and veins that complete the detailing of your granite countertop.