Fantasy cricket: 10 reasons fantasy cricket is better than real cricket

fantasy cricket

For cricket lovers, finding a new source of staying connected with cricket is an on-going process. To make it easier for them, fantasy cricket became popular a few years ago and since then, the fun for cricket lovers has gone to another level. For those who have never tried playing fantasy cricket league, here are some of the reasons that will make them realize that fantasy cricket is better than the real game

10 Reasons why cricket fans should try fantasy Cricket:

Fantasy cricket: 10 reasons fantasy cricket is better than real cricket

1) Fantasy cricket is a real treat for cricket lovers because it lets them win money by playing cricket on their laptops or phones. Thus, it is like cricket rewarding them for being a true fan.

2) Not just money, frequent players even get additional goodies like t-shirts, match passes, caps, bats and other prizes that are unique and worth keeping as prized possessions forever. Some lucky winners even get gadgets as their rewards for excelling in online cricket.

3) It is more interesting than the real matches because you have to pick players from both the teams for your team. Thus, you can keep the best players from both sides to increase your chances of winning more money.

4) You can choose your own captain and vice-captain and they do not have to be necessarily the same as the captains in one of both the teams. All the other players can be of your own choice. It is just that you cannot choose more than 6 players from one team.

5) Fantasy cricket is a game of both skills and luck which makes it even more interesting. A beginner can win and an expert can lose any time. Thus, nothing is sure in this form of cricket.

6) There are various types of matches being held and the type of bets also varies. Thus, once you are into fantasy cricket, your scope of playing the game will only go wider as there are thousands of betting choices are available.

7) You do not have to sit and watch the whole match completely to enjoy online cricket. You pick your team or place a bet before the match begins and its result will be declared later. Thus, it is time-saving for cricket fans.

8) Many websites even offer you a bonus on joining and for referring your friends too. Thus, besides winning through bets, you have other ways of earning money online as well. These ways are easier and work as a bonus because you are earning money without doing anything special.

9) When you begin playing fantasy cricket league, you will realize that there are other sports as well where you can start betting. Online betting is not very difficult in other sports because similar kinds of bets are placed in almost all kinds of sports. You just have to be aware of the rules of the game.

10) You can even be a professional betting expert and make it your full-time occupation. It is hard to play cricket in reality and is even harder to play for the country. Thus, by being a professional in online cricket, you can make your favorite sport your full-time occupation.

If you are a true cricket fan and have not started playing online cricket yet, it is time to begin it now. For the above-mentioned reasons, you will realize that why it is better than real cricket. Make your favorite sport one of your reasons for earning or one of your sources for winning prizes.

However, it is important to play fantasy cricket with your entire mind and be careful with the amount of money that you are placing in bets. This will prevent you from losing all your money at once and learn while you play.