A Complete Guide Of Visiting Best Places Of Karnataka

Best Places Of Karnataka

Let this year, that place be the state of Karnataka, a state that ranks among the top tourist states of India and holds many wonders that speak of its rich history. You can do so much on your trip to Karnataka and even then you would feel yourself wishing for more time at the place. Let’s have a look at some of the must-dos when in Karnataka; some a little clichéd and some a little quirky.

Kudremukh National Park in the Western Ghats and Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore:

Kudremukh National Park is a UNESCO heritage site and gives you a sense of the kind of soothing effect being in the laps of nature has on humans. Landscapes that are Instagram worthy without filters will make you set up a camp here and spend your life admiring nature’s work. Watch the spiraling rivers, while exotic birds soar over you and somewhere in the distance a sambar calls out to its mate. Bannerghatta Park too lets you experience the wild while you explore the jungle and see the gorgeous tigers roam free as you sit in a caged jeep. An experience that only gives you the joy of seeing the animals revel in their natural habitat but arouses empathy in you about the plight of caged animals when we look at them as we sit like them, caged in a vehicle.

Experience the wild at Mysore Zoo:

If you ain’t-a nature lover, you are sure to turn into one after your visit to the Mysore zoo which is the oldest zoo in the country. Home to a large number of elephants, lions, tigers and zebras, this zoo used to serve as a hunting reserve for the Wodeyar Dynasty of Mysore before being turned into a zoo.

Admire the cascading waterfalls:

Karnataka is dotted with several salubrious waterfalls that cast a hypnotic charm over as you watch the water spiral down into the valleys below. Some of the must-see waterfalls here are the Iruppu Falls in the Brahmagiri Range, Abbey Falls in the Western Ghats, Hogenakkal Waterfalls near Bangalore which is also called the Niagara Falls of India, Chunchi Falls in Kanakpura and Jog falls which is India’s second-highest plunge waterfall.

Unleash the quirkiness doing Microlight flying:

When going in for quirky stuff, Bangalore sure takes the cake, for the city has some amazing offbeat things you must try for sure, once in your life. The first one in this list the Microlight flying where you get to act like the co-pilot and man an actual cockpit along with a trained pilot. This thrilling experience lets even people with zero flying knowledge or enjoy the thrilling experience of flying an Ultralight Aircraft.

An adrenaline rush with Parasailing and Paragliding:

Not exactly an offbeat thing now, but adrenaline pumping for sure.

Both of these adventure sports can be enjoyed while you are in Bangalore.

While you dangle from your glider or parachute, feel the fresh air whizzing your ears while you take in the beauty of Bangalore.

The buck doesn’t stop at parasailing, for you can also indulge in some scuba diving, river rafting, and fishing at Marietta in Bangalore.


Scale the Mullyanagiri peak:

It is the highest peak of Karnataka and it literally takes you a high when you touch the peak of Mullyanagiri. The trails here allow you to not only do trekking but also some mountain biking but only if you are game for the daredevilry.

A little something for the palate:

No vacation is complete without sampling the food of the place, and Bangalore is home to some amazing pubs and restaurants that keep the nightlife in the city abuzz. Big Brewsky, Windsor Pub, Windmills Craftworks, and Arbor Brewing Company are some of the top names in the pubbing scene.

Hotels in Bangalore have some amazing restaurants serving amazing traditional as well as world cuisine. Some of the best restaurants in the city include names like Italia, Taj West End, Float, Skylit, Ruh and Silver Metro which are just a few out of a long list of fabulous restaurants in Bangalore.

Time for some wine, please

What better way to reward your taste buds than by giving them a sip of some exotic wines. For all the wine lovers and connoisseurs, Bangalore is a haven for you when it comes to taking wine tasting tours.

You can take vineyard tours, take part in wine making and tasting sessions, and stomp some grapes to a pulp on these planned tours. Grover Vineyard, Soma Vineyard and Heritage Winery that has recently been acquired by Sula, are some of the top wine tours in Bangalore.

It’s time to pack your bags and book your stay in one of the hotels in Karnataka for as they say, “Don’t listen to what they say. Go & see.”