How healthy is the trend and does it makes sense to eat sugar-free?

How healthy is the trend and does it makes sense to eat sugar-free?

Sugar: what is it and what alternatives are there?

First of all, it is important to know that a complete diet without sugar is not possible.

Sugar does not only occur in the much-loved chocolate. No, he is also in sausages, barbecue sauces, ready meals and even in fruit. The body needs a certain amount of sugar to function; Sugar provides energy that allows all bodily functions to function properly. But sugar is as colorful as a rainbow, say: sugar is not the same as sugar. The sugar needed by the body is called glucose.

Sugary products are addictive in a way. Why is that? The blood sugar level rises very quickly and exceeds a limit. The body regulates this increase and releases insulin. Then the mirror falls strong and it comes to food cravings. How do you combat these?

Sure, you reach for the chocolate again and the cycle starts again. Right here is the problem. Many people consume too much sugar and do not realize how unhealthy it is. So how about a date bar or a bar that does not let the blood sugar levels rise immeasurably?

Here is my personal experience: I ate well at noon and feel good. In the afternoon, the small hunger comes up, which used to be often and often with a bar of chocolate or another candy was breastfed.

I thought it was delicious, but it was followed by a few more because my “cravings” was not satisfied and I was already trapped in the vicious circle.

Today I know a lot better and grab a fresh piece of fruit with nut butter (Try an apple with peanut sauce, a dream). Likewise, nuts, healthy bars (with fructose) or even dates are always at hand.

After this small, yet great change, I feel fit for a snack. It provides energy that I like to put into an intense sports unit after work.

In principle, according to the latest research results, it can be said that the crowd, as so often, makes the poison.

Of course, sugar is also found in fruit, the so-called fructose. Therefore, one should take care that one takes fruit in its original form and does not switch to juices, as one takes here much more. A glass of apple juice drinks fast, but who wants and can already eat 3 apples away from each other?

So what benefits does a diet with the conscious handling of sugar bring?

– You shop consciously and cook fresher

Sure, you read the label and see what sugar is everywhere. Therefore, the products remain in the business and they are looking for alternatives. The sauce is prepared in the future rather than to access the finished product. This results in another advantage.

– One eats consciously and possibly loses weight

Sure, because who cooks himself and fresh, also knows what is included. Who does not love the smell of fresh tomato sauce made from roasted tomatoes?

– No food cravings anymore

Now that the blood sugar level remains constant, the food cravings stay out and you will not feel like you’re really hungry again.

But are there any disadvantages of a reduced-sugar diet because of the many advantages? Certainly.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to overcome these.

– Food on the way

Sure, because the quick snack from the cake shop or even the favorite café around the corner would have to be canceled first.

However, that does not mean that you can never eat sweets again. But on the contrary. I really and regularly enjoy being able to enjoy a homemade snack during lunch, for example, energy balls made of dates and nuts or a slice of healthy brownies. Even the colleagues are excited – logical because they taste great!

– Incomprehension and discussions

Unfortunately, many are convinced that it would not work and that this kind of diet is just a trend, a wave to follow.

Do not let that irritate you. Many people are not concerned with this topic and may secretly realize how unhealthy they are when they see you in comparison and are in some ways jealous. Many cannot and do not want to step out of their patterns of behavior and kill you with “clever spells”. But be prepared and always remember: it is your body and it is good for it to be supplied with great food.

In exactly such cases, the business idea of the healthy food box subscriptions takes hold.

Another small note to the conclusion:

Always remember, the crowd makes the poison. There’s nothing wrong with a cake or ice cream with the family. Enjoy the moment and then fall back on healthy and nutritious foods that will do you good. I personally no longer crave sweets, but I love my date balls, bars, and my homemade coconut butter chocolates.