How Is Technology Killing Our Productivity?

How Is Technology Killing Our Productivity?

“Technology has advanced at such a pace that its aggression may destroy us all by nuclear and biological war” This quote by Stephen Hawking has already told us the dark side associated with the advancement of science and technology.

Recent researches have demonstrated that excessive use of technology is affecting the mental, physical, and psychological health of the individuals. However, from its advent, we are reaping its fruitful results as it has introduced us to the world of ease and convenience.

Technology has changed the dynamics of the world which certainly has a prominent role in evolving our lives. We depend on it for a number of significant activities like communication, education, health, and others. Despite the fact that it has dramatically changed our lives in every manner, yet, our reliance on modern technology has to take a toll on us.

Since the use of technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives; therefore, it is impossible to identify the harm it is causing to our health and life. Inclusively, we can say that in a real sense tech-world has bombarded many problems on us which are detrimental to our efficiency and productivity.

From school going students to the adults working professionally, everyone is obsessed with using technology. Although some students are using it in their favour by seeing help from essay writing service UK to save their time and energy. However, the majority of the students are using it for entertainment purposes without realising that it is depleting all their tendencies and capabilities. The increasing insatiable need for the use of technology in this world has compelled us to mention its dark side to aware the individuals of its disadvantages.

Digital World Replaced Downtime:

There is nothing more important than taking some time out from the busy routine to unwind and relax our mind. We are susceptible to use technology in our free-time as its use has become our leisure pursuit. Whether we are enjoying a vacation in a peaceful and tranquil environment or we are spending quality time with our family at home, the use of technology is an undeniable part of our lives. It is impossible for us to spend a single day without using a cell phone because we are addicted to its use. However, the excessive use of smartphones is depleting our retaining and learning abilities by deteriorating our brain cell. We all are aware of the nihilism associated with the use of smartphone it but still we use it all day and night.



One of the major reasons for causing hindrance in your productivity is the use of technology. The social networking sites and multiple entertainment apps that are present in our smartphones are playing a prominent role in weakening all the creative abilities. However, it has made our work convenient by providing the bulk of information, but it has also reduced our abilities and efficiency in our work. However, it is true that technology has improved the quality of our work by providing access to information and knowledge, but we cannot deny the fact that it has played a significant role in causing a negative impact on our skills and abilities.

Reducing Cognitive Abilities:

The advent of technology has made us susceptible to the use of advanced technological gadgets. Majority of the individuals spend an average of five hours of the day in using mobile phones and other devices. However, some may have to use it for their work, but there are a significant number of people who are using cell phones as a leisure activity. They might be unaware that the use of cell phones reduces cognitive functioning which ultimately has a negative impact on your focus and concentration.

Consumes Time:

We spend seventy percent of pout time using apps and social media on our phones. However, it also has educational apps and different educational forums and platforms that aim to provide maximum information on a particular subject but out of everything we are more like to waste our time in scrolling our news feeds. From young toddlers to aged individuals our minds are susceptible to learn things from all these apps and websites. Undoubtedly, it had added convenience in our lives, but it has also reduced our cognitive and intellectual abilities.


Don’t use digital technologies too much as they start affecting your health keep them using in limit because every thing looks good in limit.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits
Albert einstein