7 Useful Tips For You | How to Choose Best Climbing Shoes For You

Tips for Choosing Your Climbing Shoes

You start climbing and I know you’re asking yourself this question:

How to choose my climbing shoes?

Slippers are one of the most important accessories of your climbing equipment.

They will permanently affect the way you climb and the pleasure you will take.

It is really worth taking the time to choose well to not be wrong.

The choice of the first pair of slippers is always a moment at once exciting and delicate for a beginner.

For my part, I spent hours looking for advice on the internet.

And you will agree with me:

Choosing and buying your first pair of climbing shoes is a TRUE puzzle.


A puzzle?

More for you!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to choose the slippers you need without wasting time on long and fruitless searches.

What size should I take? Where to buy my climbing shoes? Where are the best deals? How to know if it’s good? Which brand to take?

Tip # 1: Try the Climbing Shoes Before You Buy!

If you have never bought climbing shoes then this is rule # 1.

The most important.

This is what I propose to you.

If you have found a great deal on the net or a great opportunity on TopTenBoots, then forget about it.

This great deal may be much less interesting if, in the end, the shoes hurt your feet!

I advise you to go to a specialized store to make your choice.

I offer you some links to well establish stores in USA & France: Millet – Espace Montagne- Au Vieux Camper.

You will also find many specialized shops located locally.

Tip # 2: Buy from a Specialized Store to Have Good Advice

Best Climbing Shoes To Buy

Try before you buy, that’s fine.

Trying in a specialty store is even better!

You will have access to a wide selection of slippers and relevant tips from the seller.

You can, for example, measure your feet to determine exactly which size suits you and thus choose the shoes that fit you correctly.

Also, ask the seller how far each slipper you try is growing with use.

Because yes, some slippers grow after a few weeks.

Take the opportunity to try a maximum of pairs.

Tip # 3: Do not Choose Climbing Shoes Too Small!

Climbers of a good standard like to have their feet tight in their climbing shoes.

The goal is to optimize their support on very small catches.

The problem is that it is very painful.

As a beginner, you do not need to have slippers too small.

A good first pair must fit well while being comfortable.

Do you know why?

If you do not feel good in your slippers, you will not take pleasure in climbing.

Not to mention that it will be more difficult to keep you on the small catches because of the pain…

Tip # 4: Choose Versatile Slippers to Climb Anywhere

The types of climbing shoes are numerous.

Some favor comfort, others performance.

They can be soft, rigid, etc.

As a beginner, you have to choose multi-purpose climbing shoes.

That’s to say slippers with which you will be able to climb as well in cliff as in a room.

However, prefer rigid sole slippers if you feel that you lack tone in the feet and toes.

Rigid climbing shoes will also last longer, but it is not a determining choice.

Wait, that’s not all!

I also advise you to focus on velcro slippers because it is much more convenient to remove and put back than the laces.

Even if the adjustment is less precise.

Tip # 5: Sizes Vary According to the Manufacturer

Pay attention to that!

If a manufacturer’s size 42 climbing shoes fit you like a glove, the same size shoes from another manufacturer will not necessarily fit as well.

Climbing shoes are really different from one brand to another with sometimes several sizes of difference.

It is therefore very important to try them!

Among the most famous brands, you have:

– Andrea Boldrini

– EB

– Evolv

– Five Ten

– La Sportiva

– Mad Rock

– Mammut

– Millet

– Red Chile

– Scarpa

– Simond

– Tenaya

– Vibram

And each of these manufacturers offer a wide range of climbing shoes.

Do not hesitate to try a maximum of pairs before making your choice.

Tip # 6: Your Feet Are Unique!

A pair of slippers that a friend recommends, because it’s the best for him, will not necessarily be the best for you.

Each person has a foot shape.

There are 3 main types of foot:

– The Greek type

– The Egyptian type

– The Roman type

So you need climbing shoes adapted to TA foot shape.

In general, if you have an Egyptian or Roman foot, slippers asymmetrical shapes will be more comfortable.

If you have a Greek type foot, then the right slippers will be more suitable.

Attention, this is not an absolute rule.

Again, try, try and try again.

Tip # 7: How to know if it’s the good shoes?

Top Climbing Shoes

It is necessary that your slippers are well adjusted all around your foot.

So if you feel air pockets between your shoe and your foot, it is not sufficiently adjusted.

Simple no?

In the same way, if you have to pull the laces or the velcroes to the maximum to adjust them, it is that there is a problem.

If the slippers grow, you will not be able to make adjustments later.

Finally, make sure that the slippers are comfortable at the ankles and Achilles tendon.

Apply these 7 Tips and Buy your 1st Pair of Climbing Shoes!

By applying these 7 tips, you will greatly facilitate your first purchase.

The climbing shoes are really important but when you start you should not look too complicated.

The goal is not to have the most expensive or the most optimized slippers for this or that practice, but simply to feel good about it.

Do you know the best?

Being a beginner who climbs in the room, you will necessarily shoot them quickly enough.

The resins of the walls are more abrasive than the rock.

No need to invest in a high-end pair.

Then come the time to think about buying slippers more efficient.

Once purchased, properly maintain your slippers.

You will be able to double their life.