How to Choose Best Perfumes for yourself

Best Perfumes for yourself

Just wearing the right apparel is not enough, it is of utmost importance that you wear the right perfume. The impression is not created by a branded apparel but how a person looks and smells. While the exotic fragrance from the bottle of Purplelips Sensual can make you the center of attraction of any party, the Lapidus woman Eau De Toilette spray might be the right one to uplift the mood.

There are millions of fragrances available and evolving each day but it is really important that you choose the right perfume as per the occasion.

The below 5 tips can help you select the right fragrance.

What is your preference for Choosing Perfumes?

As you will be wearing the fragrance for long hours, it is of utmost importance that you are comfortable with the scent which you wear. While some fragrances are fruity (apple and citrus), others are flower based (like rose and poppies.) Men can choose from a wide range of masculine fragrances, which generally include heavy musk scents and leather-based perfumes. So, in brief, there are 4 keynotes on which fragrances are made. The range includes:-

Citrus: This is a tangy and clean aroma of citrus fruits.

Floral: This type comes with a soft and feminine fragrance of fresh cut flowers.

Oriental: This type of fragrance is heavier and mainly preferred by men. This includes musk, vanilla, and oriental resins.

Woody: With the aroma of sandalwood, patchouli, and other fragrant woods, this kind of perfume takes you into the natural world.

Last but not least, before you select your fragrance, test it. The skin hormones differ in each individual and the fragrance smell might change when applied on the skin. So try it out on your pulse area or wrist to understand if you really like the aroma after applying it on yourself. After all, a perfume should make you feel happy and confident.


Choosing Perfumes for Specific Occasion?

Choosing Right Perfumes for yourself
Perfume is an invisible aspect of an individual’s personality. If you want people to remember you by your fragrance or if you are looking to build a deep emotional connection with your special ones, then wear the right fragrance on the right occasion.

If it is a wedding night or a shimmery party evening, perfumes with spicy notes like cinnamon can be the apt choice. Want to be a bit mysterious to your date?

Try out the roses jasmine based perfumes. There are signature perfumes for each event; while a clean citrusy fragrance is apt for regular office wear, a smooth vanilla or lavender based perfume will be the one for a perfect valentine night.

Choosing Perfumes based on Fragrance Duration?

Is it just a matter of a few hours or a complete day affair? Depending on this factor, you need to select the perfume. Fragrances come in 4 different concentrations; colognes and perfumes with higher concentration last longer.

♥ The higher level of concentration is the costliest perfume and the fragrance can last a whole day.

♥ The next level of concentration is a bit lower and this is known as Eau de Perfume. This fragrance can last for almost 6 hours.

♥ The third type is the eau de toilette. This is an affordable range of fragrances and you must apply it more than once in a day to retain the smell.

♥ The lowest range of concentration is known as eau de cologne. This fragrance type can last for a maximum of 2 hours.

Choosing Perfumes based on your Personality

Perfume is a popular gift item. It is more difficult to choose a perfume for someone else and the best approach would be to choose perfume as per the personality. Keeping this in mind, perfumes can be classified in the following types.

♥ Floral perfumes suit people with a caring and gentle nature. The subtle notes of floral fragrances are in tune with the passionate, romantic individuals.

♥ Citrus based perfumes are perfect gift items for your happy and bubbly friends. This fruity, undertone lemon, bergamot or grapefruit aroma goes well with the fresh, dynamic energy of individuals.

♥ Exotic and intense aroma of jasmine, oakmoss or rose perfumes is for the mysterious. This range of fragrances is also popularly called chypre perfumes.

♥ The woody fragrance of sandalwood, vetiver or cedar is for the refined types. If elegant, sophisticated or sober are the words which match the personality of your loved ones then choosing this kind of perfume will never be a mistake.

♥ Want to gift a perfume to your boss on his birthday? Look nowhere, the leather-based perfume is for him. This is a rich aroma, classic and soft at the same time.

Is there any memory?

Were you fascinated by the signature perfume of someone from your childhood? Well, many of us are. So if you are clueless about which perfume will suit you, be a bit nostalgic. Wear that favorite aroma to bring back happy memories!


Buying a perfume is a much tougher task than buying a gadget! After all, it is about setting your impression in front of others. So follow the above powerful tips and become a perfume pro.