How To Create Killer Landing Page To Attract Readers To Your Website

How To Create Killer Landing Page To Attract Readers To Your Website

To have a successful business website, you must have either awesome content or a really good landing page. If your website has both, then that is great.

The landing page or the sales page is a web page that may or may not be the main page on your site. It is like a combined product brochure and a bit of your business brochure.

Here, you want to convey information about yourself and your business but just enough to introduce yourself well so as to sustain interests onto the rest of your site.

Essentials of a Landing Page are:

    • 1. Addresses the problems of customers.
    • 2. Description of how your product is the perfect solution to the aforesaid problem.
    • 3. Focus on the solution.

    As you want to glue the visitors on to your landing page, you must concentrate mainly on the problem and on how it can be solved. Do not deviate from this.

    8 Main Components Of a Landing Page are:

    1. Headline:

    Attractive Headline For Landing Page

    The headline must be able to, in less than or equal to 12 words, address the problem and offer a solution. Use the most commonly used keywords relevant to your topic.

    Search engines will make use of this bit of information to rank your web pages when someone searches for the keywords used by you.

    2. Information About Your Business & Yourself:

    The amount and extent of information that you choose to post on your landing page about yourself and your business are for you to decide.

    Just view yourself as a potential customer while doing so. Keep a good balance of both personal information and professional information as there will all kinds of customers who will look for both.

    Some viewers will want to ascertain if you really exist as a person while some will want you to be direct and come straight to the point.

    3. Product Information:

    While describing your product in the product information, you must highlight and enlist the various benefits of your product prominently on the Landing Page.

    Convince them on the ability of your product to solve all their problems and the superiority of your product to other similar products.

    You also put forth your unique sale offers to your potential customers to get them interested in exploring the rest of your website.

    4. Testimonials:


    If you have positive comments about your products, use them as testimonials. Finding testimonials will be harder for newly released products that are yet to be purchased.

    Testimonials can very strongly affect the view your customers about your products. We all look to testimonials as proof to the abilities of a product before deciding to purchase them.

    Testimonials convince your customers that since your product has already worked well for others, the chances of it not working for him are quite low.

    5. Cut Down On Customer Risks:

    Guaranteeing your products with the money back and no risks will work to eliminate the risks a customer has to take while purchasing your product.

    It will reduce any objections that customers may feel before purchases. By providing fewer risks, you will not only be cutting down on them risking their money but also be saving them a good portion of valuable time, reducing that risk too.

    6. Benefits of Your Products:

    Add Benefits of Your Products in Landing Page

    You must reinforce the benefits of your product to customers time and again on your Landing Page so that any doubts and second thoughts that arise in their minds at any stage during the purchase may be successfully eliminated as soon as they arise. Remind them of their problems and how you can help solve them. If they begin to falter, then you will convince them to proceed else they will just move on with the purchase.

    7. Giveaways:

    Add Giveaway To your landing pages

    These are anything that will give a further push to your customers and motivate them to buy your products. Don’t forget to put these in. They just must not distract your customer from the actual purpose of purchase that they have come for.

    8. The Buy button:

    Once your customer has made his mind to purchase a product, all you need is the buy button on Your Landing Page to speed them on. You can create your own button, get one from your online store or avail of a service for this.

    Final Words:

    Above are some important points to keep in mind before you are going to create a Landing Page. Make your Landing Page by keeping all the above tips in your mind so that it converts well.

    If you have something to ask related to Landing Page Creation You are welcomed in the comment section to ask it freely.

    Have a great Day 🙂