How to Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search?

How to Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search?

Voice Search has become an essential part of everyone’s life as the service is getting more advanced day by day with new features. If we talk about the current scenario, there are many voice search providers available, and we found them on different smartphones.

Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa Voice Search, Apple’s Siri and many other more. People can search for anything just by speaking on the phone or to the PC with the Voice Search feature. If you are a startup and searching for a reliable digital marketing company to design a website, Blue Astral is the best option available for you right now.  

The adoption of Voice Search is not limited to smartphones. But the same service is now being used by the website developers. Many websites are offering voice search function to search for the desired thing within site. There are many apps available which also provide the same service.

With the increased popularity of this service, your site should be optimized with Voice Search feature. When you choose a reliable SEO Company for your site, they will guide you to use the Voice Search function on your site. Here, we will discuss a few things about optimizing this feature for your blog.  

What is Google Voice Search?  

Google Voice Search a Voice Search Commanding service offered by the giant, Google. This service lets users search for anything on the web with spoken voice commands. Instead of typing the letters for a search query, you can simply speak it up, and the Google Voice Search will recognize it and will provide you with desired results.  

The Google Voice Search has become more popular day by day as Google is expanding its Voice Search services to more devices. Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and many gadgets are now enabled with Google Voice Search.  

Page Speed

Page Speed Optimization

Most SEO Experts believe that Page Speed plays a crucial role in ranking your website through Google Voice Search. If your site is well-optimized with latest SEO updates and has a good page speed, it will likely to list on the top position in the Search Results through Voice Commands. In fact, your visitors will also like to visit your website if it loads correctly.

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The Length of the Answers

According to the market’s researchers and SEO experts, Google prefers to have short answers for the voice commands. The typical voice search commands’ answer is 29 words. Short answers to your queries will find the desired and focused keywords effectively. The search results will show the pages containing the Keywords associated with the Voice commands. You should put the right Keyword which can display after the voice commands in the search results.  

Social Sharing

With Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing is equally essential for your website to rank well and receive more daily visitors. If your content has a high amount of social sharing, it will likely to do well in the Search Results. Since Google fetches the information from the Social Media Networks as well, the more content you share on the Social Media, the more visitors you will get through Voice Search Commands.

Simple and Easy to read content

When a user tries to search for something through Google’s Voice Search feature, he will speak a specific Keyword. Now to connect with the user’s query, your website needs to have a simple and easy to read content. If you provide good quality content with easy to read paras and blog posts, it will directly affect the Google Search Results. Your blog will rank well, and you will see the desired results.  



Google likes to rank the domains with HTTPS security. In fact, most websites and authority blogs use the same security service on their domains. In the Google Voice Search results, the HTTPS blogs come first. According to recent studies, over 71% of search results through Google Voice Search come with HTTPS security.  

Hackers are continually working to fetch your websites’ data and to keep your website secure from such Internet threats; it is essential for you to secure your domain with a trusted security option.