How to Sculpt the Perfect Butt?


There’s a reason many popular songs talk about a big well-rounded booty. For all the right reasons, this is the most attractive muscle in your body. And much like everything else, it isn’t easy to lose those extra inches in this area. Here’s everything you need to know about sculpting the perfect butt.

The Science

Science refers to these muscles as Gluteus Maximus. And they’re the largest ones in your body, giving it the much-needed curvature on the lower half.

But it’s not all about the looks; these muscles help maintain body balance and upright position. Speaking broadly, these muscles hold your back and hamstrings together, allowing you to stand, walk and do all of those wonderful things that you do.

Sedentary lifestyle, however, can weaken these muscles. On average, a person spends half the day (12 hours) sitting. You can add 6-8 hours of sleep. Needless to stress, 4-6 hours of low-intensity activity is not sufficient in keeping the body in good shape.

Studies suggest weak (on inhibited) glutes can cause back pain, knee pain, ankle sprains, shoulder issues, tension headaches, and a range of mobility-related problems that can be debilitating in the long run.

So here’s what you need to do to avoid all that and enjoy a healthy fulfilling life.

The Fantastic Four

Much like the movie, the solution to weak glutes lies in four basic exercises. A combination of these four can make you invincible (not that literally though!).


The good old squats work on back, glutes, and hamstrings, ensuring every muscle in this area does what it is supposed to do.

For the perfect squats, stand straight, your feet shoulder-width apart. Now lower your body such that the back of your knee makes a 90-degree angle, your hamstrings parallel to the floor.

Girl in Gym Perfect Butt

This position automatically throws out the hip. You need to make 100% sure your back is straight and aligned so the maximum pressure is applied on your glutes. You can hold your hands in front of you for better balance.

It may appear as though you’re sitting in midair. Start off with 1 set of 20 reps and you can gradually build it to 3 sets. These can fire the glutes like nothing else!


The second best thing you can do is lunges. Some people may consider it a slightly more difficult way of walking – with every step you take, you want to be almost touching the floor with your knee. It is highly recommended NOT to hit the floor.

With lunges, there are quite a few variations you might want to try once you’ve perfected the basic ones. This exercise works on the core, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Expect to feel some strain in thighs too. Make sure your back is straight and perfectly aligned for the right outcome.

Start off with 1 set of 20 reps and you can gradually increase it to 3 sets. You’ll see your legs shaping up too.

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Leg Lifts

If you’re new to workouts, you’ll experience gravity in all its majesty while trying to perform the leg lifts. It looks simple, but it is possibly one of the most challenging exercises.

Lie flat on your back and place your hands palm-down right next to you. Now try to raise your leg straight up such that your feet face the ceiling. It’ll take quite some time to get there so don’t get discouraged. It’s also okay to buckle a little at the knees in the beginning.

You’ll feel every muscle in your abdomen, shoulder, and glutes working to resist this motion. It is also imperative to return to the original position slowly, lowering your legs till they’re just an inch above the ground – this is the point where you’ll launch back into the second rep.

There are several variations that can help you get started and accustomed to the complexities of leg lifts. These are much rewarding in the long run.


We all sang “London Bridge is falling down” as kids. This is the time to understand bridges aren’t an easy feat at all.

Lie flat on your back, hands palm-down on the side. Bring your feet closer by bending your knees such that the soles are firmly planted on the floor (at 90-degrees). Now raise your core such that it makes a straight line from your knees to the base of your neck. This position works at the calf muscles, the core, and glutes.

Hold this position for 5 seconds and return to the original position to rest for another 5 seconds. Gradually, increase the time you’re holding this position. Start with 1 set of 20 reps and you can build it up to 3 sets a day.

The Diet

All fitness goals revolve around two things: exercise and the food you eat.

The good thing about sculpting the perfect butt is this: there are no particular guidelines as far as the diet is concerned. A well-rounded healthy diet will help you get the rounder bottom you are looking for. There’s no need for something extra in terms of nutrients.

Make sure your food has ample proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. The rest will fall into place automatically.

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