How We Ensure Accurate Dental Implant Services

Dental Implant Services

Dental implants Tustin are used in restorative dentistry because they preserve bone density and maintain the ideal spacing in the dental arch. Additionally, with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime offering the feel, look and chewing ability of a natural tooth.

Ideal dental implants candidates ought to have healthy gums, enough bone density to hold the implants in place, maintain regular dentist visits and adhere to good oral hygiene practices.

As such, heavy smokers, people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes require case by case evaluation before qualifying for dental implant procedures.

Procedures that Guarantee Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Services:

Being an ideal solution for replacing lost teeth, dental implant procedures must be carried out with utmost care. At Ocmax surgery, we have a strict dental implant services procedure that entails;

1. High-tech Diagnostics

In order to offer the best dental implants in Tustin, the treatment starts with taking several diagnostic steps that include an oral examination to assess jaw space, teeth dimensions, and the patient’s bite. Digital X-rays, 3D X-rays, and digital photos are used to determine whether you require bone grafting and allow the dentist to take accurate impressions.

2. CT scan for precision

CT scan for precision Dental Health

The oral CT scan technology captures mouth and jaw area images in 360 degrees and 3D view. Therefore, the scan allows dentists to examine the entire jaw and mouth area to determine the available bone density and whether it is adequate for a successful dental implant placement procedure.

The scan also offers a clear view of other crucial mouth structures like the blood vessels and nerves. This way, our dental implants specialists can plan for an accurate dental implant procedure.

3. Pre-planning

As aforementioned, our team relies on detailed X-rays, scans and digital photos to study dental implants cases and plan effective treatment steps.

The dental implant procedures are planned and thoroughly prepared for ahead of time to ensure that the implants are placed in their ideal location accurately. Adequate pre-planning ensures successful integration of dental implants into the jaw area for long-lasting and beneficial results.

4. Sinus lifts and bone grafting

Bone grafting is essential in patients with insufficient bone density to support the dental implants. Sinus lifts are performed when the sinuses have extended down into the upper jaw part where the dental implant will be placed. Note that, bone grafting and sinus lifts are conducted on the same day as the dental implant procedures.

Why Choose Our Dental Implant Services:

1. High success rate

To be considered successful and fully healed, implants must integrate into the surrounding bone area. Our dental implants specialists are meticulous in every dental implant procedure in a bid to ensure easy bone and implant integration as well as a high success rate. Careful and thorough preparation of the procedures also facilitates faster healing within the first 3 to 6 months. However, some patients may take longer to heal depending on their overall body health.

2. High quality and durable teeth

That Practically Eliminate Spots to make your Teeth Sparkling White at Home

During the healing period, patients are supplied with natural looking and functional but temporary teeth. Once the dental implant site is completely healed, our dentists connect an abutment that olds the new tooth or teeth in place.

Dental implants are attached to dental bridges, dentures or crowns. Our dental implants specialists focus on offering to note but the best dental implants in Tustin. Therefore, you are guaranteed aesthetic feel restoration and full dental functionality.

All patients are put at ease before the dental implants Tustin procedures start by being briefed on what to expect, how long the procedures will take, the healing and aftercare procedures. Note that, sedation options are offered to patients who exude fear or who will undergo long dental implant procedures. Communication with the dentist is key; express your fears and ask questions before the procedure begins.