Analyzing How Your Travel & Vacation Plans Are Influenced by Social Media

Social media

With the technological revolution and the advent of social media, traveling and vacationing has got a whole new meaning and dimension as compared to earlier days.

People with travel plans no longer depend on travel guidebooks that were so zealously compiled by travel gurus with outdated information and also, paper maps for navigating their latest travel destination.

In this digital era, you enjoy the advantage of prompt access to important travel or destination information as TripAdvisor reviews, Buzzfeed guides, and stunning Instagram pictures of travelers showcasing memorable moments from their latest vacation.

You have easy real-time access to valuable travel tips and even crowd-sourced info has completely transformed the way trips are planned right from travel inspiration to booking. In this context, you must know that in the year 2018, $882.4 billion was invested in the U.S.A. in tourism.

This is estimated to rise by almost 4.8 percent this year and this would be continuing to rise by almost 4.3 percent year on year.

Today, vacationers do not need to identify and decide on a travel destination after doing research on where to stay or what to do and then buy the tickets for the trip. Today, their travel path including purchase, as well as, experience has actually become nonlinear.

Vacationers today, look for vacation inspiration from coworkers, friends, and influencers comprising their ever-expanding social networking world.  They often rely on what people like on IG while choosing their travel destination.

Role of Social Media in Providing Travel Inspiration        

Social media is predominantly becoming a destination for people with wanderlust. It is the ultimate destination for marvelous pictures of far-off places. You could use the popular social media platforms for communicating with businesses directly and finding amazing deals and discounts.

Social media has been actively connecting family and friend worldwide and thanks to the ever-expanding business presence online, it has become quite a valuable and resourceful tool for people researching and planning their next trip.

Travel marketers are increasingly getting benefitted from the holiday-goers’ zest for the social media. In the digital era, more and more vacationers are using online resources for planning and booking vacations.  Today, social media platforms have the power to effectively shape your travel and vacation plans.

Twitter and Facebook allow travelers to directly interact with hotels, airlines, tour operators, and other businesses during their trips. Even though the customer service would not improve dramatically overnight, it is more than certain, however, that businesses would be giving prompt responses on the social media platforms.

Some Statistics about the Impact of Social Media on Travel

The MDG Advertising team has recently come up with the updated statistics to show how social media is actually impacting your vacation plans and travel dreams.

  • ♦ 30 percent of the travelers in the United States find trip inspiration from social media.
  • ♦ 40 percent millennial travelers in the United Kingdom admit to considering how Instagrammable a destination is while planning a trip.
  • ♦ 74 percent of travelers are using social media while vacationing as on

Research shows that today, social media would be impacting travel plans significantly. In reality, 52 percent of Facebook users admit that pictures of friends have triggered vacation ideas and plans. We find that 55 percent of Internet users like all those social media pages that are relevant to their vacation plans.

This is a great opportunity for all tour operators and travel marketers trying to attract more tourists. More and more travel brands are using social media platforms to make sure that people would find it easier to identify them and make travel plans and reservations with them.

In this context, you must know that almost half of the hotel industry has a widget or booking engine on their respective Facebook pages.

Pre-Vacation Use of Social Media

One out of every five vacationers uses social networking for drawing travel inspiration while researching.

About 27 percent of the people look for appropriate travel destinations on the social media, 23 percent research hotels on social media, 21 percent rely on social media to learn about tourist attractions in a certain place.

22 percent of them research the relevant vacation activities tourists could enjoy while vacationing in a particular place and 17 percent of the people wanted to know more about restaurants from social media platforms.

We are given to understand that post social media interaction and research, only 48 percent of the vacationers stick to their previous plans. After doing research on social media, we are told that 33 percent of the people switched hotels.

7 percent went for a vacation to a different country, 10 percent of them switched resorts about 5 percent switched airlines. These statistics clearly illustrate the fact that all those travel brands that maintain a robust social media presence could significantly impact your travel plans.

Use of Social Media during the Course of Your Vacation

Research reveals that vacationers and travelers actively use social media even while on vacation. According to an estimate, about 72 percent of the vacationers post pictures on social media platforms while traveling and about 70 percent of the vacationers would be updating their Facebook status while on vacation.

Additionally, travelers are known to use social media for connecting with brands while on vacation. This implies that it is really crucial for travel brands to establish a relationship with their customers on social networking sites to boost loyalty and get positive feedback.

Use of Social Media Post Vacation

Even after a trip is over, vacationers would still be posting on social media. After returning home after a rejuvenating vacation about 55 percent of the travelers like Facebook pages relevant to the vacation.

About 46 percent of the travelers would be posting hotel reviews, 40 percent of the travelers would be posting reviews on activities or tourist attractions, and about 40 percent of the vacationers would be posting restaurant reviews on the social media platforms.

These feedbacks after coming back from a trip could mean important suggestions for family and friends who are thinking of going on their vacation.


It is true that social media plays a pivotal role in helping you choose your dream getaway but at the same time, it is critical to be alert and stay cautious while dealing with travel agencies and tour operators online. Do not get lured by incredible travel deals.