Importance of Writing Blog Post for Your Business

importance of writing blog posts

The story of successful businesses starts with blogging that has become visible for both customers and search engines. This is what makes the businesses prosper among the competitors in search engines.

Business blogging is all about marketing tactics that use the blog to get business to attain more visibility online. In other words, a business blog is a marketing channel like social media, email marketing or direct mail that supports your business growth.

What was blogging in the past?

Earlier, the blog was the place where you love to share your personal life experiences with friends, acquaintances and the entire world. Starting from photos of different places you have visited blogging about your favorite foods to sharing your personal information, blogs will include almost everything.

The social networking website, Facebook had been launched in 2004 but it was not so popular than what it has been now. With social media gaining popularity, people found it easy to share their personal stories on Facebook and Instagram than writing an entire blog post.

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More than 250 million people like to share their personal life on Instagram and you only need to use your phone for a few seconds for doing it. This is why more people use social media regularly than going through a blog.

If you want to update your friends about your life, it is easy to upload photos on Facebook. This is the reason why people focus their attention on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn over blogging.

Why do people create blogs continuously?

The main reason why blogs have gained popularity is that you are an end user and consume the content that blogs share.

  1. ⇒ You have full control of your own destiny – Social networks have made restrictions regarding the number of friends who can view your content. Creating your own blog means you will have more control over your future. You may collect emails to get back people to your website and create push notification subscriber list to rank your content on Google. It is quite easy to get continuous traffic from the blog than from social media profile. This is becoming more important since the top referral sites are sending less traffic to other websites.
  2. ⇒ Paid advertisements are costly – The biggest search engine, Google has generated almost 6 billion dollars in advertising revenue in the year 2005. However, this number has increased by 95 billion in 2017. With advertisement costs on the rise, you do not have any choice as a businessperson but to search for other traffic channels. A blog is a clear question since Google is in love with ranking text-based content.
  3. ⇒ Marketing has already moved to a multichannel approach – As a business owner, you will have to face more competition on the Internet that provides customers with wider choices. There arises an important question, ‘Why will customers prefer to choose you over your competitors?’ Well, branding has an important role and if you find a customer who hears about your products/services, then they are possibly going to be your customer. Thus, a blog will create an additional touch point.

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A blog is not only a blog, rather it is an online business

SEO is getting more and more competitive and a huge percentage of people are using Google when searching for similar search terms. With more number of people browsing the Internet, it does not mean that they always search for new keywords.

Rather, it only means that the popular search terms are becoming more popular. Hence, it is quite difficult to get people for visiting your site over the competitors since you are competing with the companies to get customers.


SEO London has now left no choice than treat it in the form of business. It requires time and money to generate good quality content and then promote it to drive more audience. Once you get visitors to see your content, it takes both time and money to convert them into your paying customers.

A blog is the only way for you to rank higher on Google and generate more traffic without paying for it with Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. If you are really interested in treating well, you just cannot think of treating your blog as a blog only. Rather, you will have to treat it like your business. Check out the steps to rank on top in search results.

  1. ⇒ Focus on writing good content – You will have to deliver quality content constantly in this competitive market. You just cannot afford to write the 400-word blog post like you had done in the year 2015. If you have joined a new niche, you will soon have more competition. If you do not have sufficient time to write your blogs, it is advised to hire a writer who can give content regularly.
  2. ⇒ Promote your content – Once you have given your best in producing quality content, it’s time to promote it. Though promotion is not that easy, you will still have to do it so that more people see your content and your business ranks on top in search results.
  3. ⇒ Focus on monetization – Usually, bloggers who reach this platform face some problem since the traffic increases their revenue. If you have more visitors to your site, it does not mean that there will be an increase in revenue. You will really have to work hard to convert visitors into leads and turn them into prospective customers.
  4. ⇒ Do not forget about voice – If you have followed the above three steps successfully, you will now have to think about voice. Nowadays, 40% of adults are using voice search on a daily basis and so, this should not be neglected. Make sure you have control over the voice search market before your competitors to stay on top in Google.

When blogging is done for the business purpose, the ultimate goal is to convert readers into buyers. So, you need to put effort into achieving that conversion rate.

You may link to sales pages within the blog posts, discuss what you want to do for people and play with the fact that you are a business owner having something to offer to customers.

Thus, blogging is a platform to help readers discover their business and make them feel excited about the bigger things that you want to sell through this online marketing campaign.