Know The Difference Between Information Security And Cyber Security


The difference between information security and cybersecurity is very important to know because many banking bodies required it.

For example reserve bank of India, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Hong Kong Monetary Authority, etc. All of these central banks required IS and cybersecurity policy.

The term cyber and information security is commonly used as a synonym in security language and it creates more confusion among security office workers.

Even, some people had discussed with the InfoSec experts about the same problem and they got answered that information security is a subset of cybersecurity. Whereas some of them are saying that it is opposite.

Nowadays, the professionals of both the securities are in demand. From 2010 to 2014, posting of jobs for cybersecurity is increased by 90% in the globe. According to the Burning Glass Technologies, three lakh postings are listed in the year 2014.

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, Information security is expected to increase 28% job growth in the year 2016 to 2026.

In the year 2026, 1 lakh 50 thousand jobs will be created by information security. To both cybersecurity and information security, the physical security element is there.

For example, if you have to keep your important documents in the warehouse then you need physical security to protect your important documents.

And if you have more digital data then you need good and advanced IT security tool to protect the digital data. So that if you have forgotten to lock your desktop then you can lock your server.

In a simple word, if your data is stored digitally or physically then you have to sure that no one gets access except you. Because anyone can easily threat your data if you do not have control in the server and desktop.

Data Security

Another one is data security which is all about securing our data. But one question is arises in the mind of the people that what is the difference between data and information.

Every information is not a data but data is called information whenever it is explained in a context way and also gives a meaning.

Eg: 24052002 is a data but if you can see this number then you can understand that it is the birth date of a particular person. Then it is a information because this number has some meaning.

And information is a data that have the particular meaning. Information security means protecting our information that mostly focuses on the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information.

Whereas, cybersecurity is all about securing the particular things which is unprotected or which is not safe with the help of various new technologies.

One important thing is that IT security is protecting the information technology. So, there is no difference between IT and ICT security.

Cybersecurity has everyone and everything which is entered with the help of cyberspace. Hence, everything on the globe is protected with the help of modern technology like ICT and IT.

Meaning Of All Securities

According to the National Institute of Standard and Technology, the meaning of cybersecurity is the ability to defend or protect usage of cyberspace from cyber attack.

Meaning of Information security is that it protects information and the system of information from unauthorized use, access and gives availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

The term availability means protecting reliable and timely access to use the information.

The term integrity means to guard against inappropriate information destruction or moderation. It also protects the information authenticity and non-repudiation.

The term confidentiality means protecting authorized limitation on access and declaration. And it is also preserving proprietary information and personal privacy.

Cybersecurity means giving the security to anything which is there in the cyber area. Whereas, information security means giving the security to information nevertheless of the cyber area.

After reading this definition, we can easily understand that information security is the superset of cybersecurity. But people have many different views about this terms and they can use alternatively these terms.

Even there is political and cultural aspect regarding the use of this terms. The Russian commonly use the word information security, whereas the Americans use the word cybersecurity.

After reading this post we understand that why technology is good and it becomes more developed and advanced nowadays.

Searches Of This Word In Google

Some experts have seen the Google search volume of the last five years of the word information security, cybersecurity, and cybersecurity.

In India, the search volume for information security is more than cyber security. But now searches of cybersecurity is also increasing.

In the US, the search volume of the word information security was higher than cybersecurity. But now the searches of cybersecurity is increasing and they are more than cybersecurity.

In worldwide, the searches of this word is similar to US searches because of the government of US in the security market.