Magento Security – Best 4 Magento Extensions to Keep Your E-store Secure

Magento Security Extensions

In this era, the Magento is one of the most powerful online eCommerce business web stores. So, we can say it is a right place which provides you with a better online platform where you can increase your product sell and e-store business growth. Beside the eCommerce based website development, you can understand Magento development service which defines the web store management service.

Along with, you can allow the current and high quality based security service which might be possible by data protection and anti-hacking extensions. You can enable these type of expansion in your Magento framework. So, let’s come on the best Security extension of Magento which can protect your web data and data threat services.

Top Magento Security Extension

In this article, you can understand the security extension of your Magento framework, with the help of this you can increase your eCommerce web service to maintain any data protection service.


The Magento helps it provide a better security based shopping website development service. But, with the help of watchdog, you can stop the data threat and hacking attack on your Magento website or admin panel. You can see the amazing features of this extension.

  • Protect the website by brute attacks
  • It provides the login attempts
  • Data threat statistics was trying protection on the email.
  • It provides the monthly and daily based login attempts
  • Track the IP based connection attempt

Security Socket Layer

As a Magento web store owner, you can take the best responsibilities to make the security and reliable data transmitted service by the well-protected IT system service. So you can do this thing to allow the SSL extension in your Magento store. In the Magento eCommerce platform, we can understand the development process is straightforward and useful, but some unexpected bugs, debugs can destroy our data record. You can allow or install the SSL extension in your Magento platform to follow these steps.

  • System Setting> Configuration setting>  Web setting> Security is setting

When you go to the last step, then you can mark the years to allow the URL secured on fronted admin panel. Once you active the Security socket layer extension of your platform, then it will make a perfect security based e-store website.

Amasty’s Login Extension

This extension helps to keep the tracking information, Which is being hacked or stolen by anyone. So you can limit the login access in your category management to maintain the security features. You can grab this extension feature which can increase your business value.

  • It Maintains the back end admin service
  • You can check the Log history of the login attempt.
  • It provides a data store record process.
  • You can check every login activity.
  • Protect to unuseful or malicious login efforts
  • It bans the user identity who was trying to many time attempt.


It is a unique and a performative security solution which protects your Magento admin framework and website by any hacking. It works as an additional layer to protect the every data record for the admin and user. These features define the quality of this extension.

  • Regularly scan.
  • Provide the various types of security features.
  • It scans the database.
  • It Works as a security audit.
  • It Protects the unauthorized user
  • Provide an alteration service when a malicious attack on your website.

Mage Firewall Security

It is the most installed and demanded extension which is specially developed to protect the data threat and hacking by the help of additional layers. It blocks the unfaithful attacks during the login efforts. You can get the fantastic features of this extension.

  • It scans the web servers.
  • It provides an unpatched security feature.
  • With the help of you can secure your web store.
  • It avoids the brute hacking attacks
  • It works as a ninja firewall to block the data stolen attackers instantly.

Benefits of Magento Extension in E-Store Platform

As per the above description, you can understand the importance of Magento extensions which is helpful to increase the website protection by the help of it. Along with the several benefits you can get on the Magento platform to enhance the services across the globe. Here, we are providing you some useful benefits of these extensions which are obliging to us.

  • ◊ Scalability and Performance
  • ◊ Instant check out process during the shopping
  • ◊ Mobile and user-friendly service
  • ◊ You can easily update
  • ◊ Key integration feature
  • ◊ Instantly product purchasing process
  • ◊ Email marketing
  • ◊ Advance Report and inventory process.

With the help of these benefits, you can get an effective eCommerce solution to make an online market or shopping source for all users. Furthermore, the Magento developers can manage the all security feature for the admin and user panel basis to easily use Magento based eCommerce service.

Final Words:

I hope all the information, gives you a reliable and secure data security extension in the Magento platform. This platform is straightforward and effective where they can use this to develop an eCommerce website across the globe. So, you can Hire Magento developers in India to establish a capable platform for the user.