Types of Mobile Advertising to Improve Brand Awareness

types of mobile advertising
types of mobile advertising

Almost every person above the age of 12 is exposed to mobile advertising as they all use a mobile device these days to browse the web, play games, use apps, check emails and so on. People tend to spend a very large chunk of their available time on their smartphones. This is proving to be a goldmine of opportunity for the advertisers to expand their reach and improve their brand awareness. Different types of mobile advertisements have a different impact on creating brand awareness. Let us look at each one of these in detail

Advertisements Based on Your Location:

Your smartphone and consequently your service provider always know your location. This helps a mobile advertiser in your vicinity to send you an ad in the form of an SMS, MMS or any other rich media. The proximity of the advertiser tempts you with a special “Just for you” offer, thus increasing the brand awareness. The ad would be favorable for the advertiser if you have a keen interest in the product or else it could lead to a potentially irritated consumer.

Video Advertisements

This is another kind of mobile advertising strategy that you come across in most applications on the smartphone. Whether it is watching video content (of your choice) or playing a game, you have to face them. It serves as an incentive to get freebies or to get access to content. You cannot bypass them unless you have been exposed to at least 5 seconds of advertising videos have a higher success rate in increasing the brand awareness for the advertiser as the attention span of consumers with videos is higher. The ad has a better chance of conversion if it has a CTA link.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a unique style, which adapts itself to the app it is designed for. It flows naturally with the app format and hence you don’t realize that you are actually viewing promotional content.  It just seems to be like any other post that is likely to be on that app.

Facebook ads are a good case study to understand what a native ad is. This is one of the best mobile advertising types for creating brand awareness.

Interactive Advertising

This includes advertising wherein the interface can communicate or interact with the consumer. Voice ads were initiated in 2013, but they have not really taken off. Now there are ads, which appear like an interactive game. It is a good strategy as it allows the consumer to get a feel of what the product could be like. It is commonly used for mobile apps.

The engagement level of such formats is much higher when compared to the other formats and is a great mobile advertising strategy.

Full-Screen Advertising

These ads just stay there covering your screen for a few seconds until the “X” appears following which users can close it. Users have no other way than viewing this ad till the time ‘X’ appears. These are used more often in apps, which have transitioned from one stage to the next. If they appear during a particular stage, it would create a very negative image and hence can do nothing good for your business. It’s important to place these ads strategically to get the best out of it and create brand awareness.


Mobile advertisements deserve a higher recognition in online advertising as consumers tend to spend a lot of time on their mobile device when compared to their desktop. Advertisers can visit a good digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai or any other city to help them plan their campaign for the same.