Monomousumi: Where art from your heart finds a place

Monomousumi: Where art from your heart finds a place

As writers and artists, we are all looking for a platform, an opportunity to be heard. Monomousumi is an online platform which provides just that.

Monomousumi is a platform for new writers, artists, and photographers to post their unpublished work, be it a travelogue, a food recipe, a picture or a poem.

As long as it comes from your heart it will find a place on this website, no matter what the language of expression is.

Monomousumi was created by Mousumi Kundu Paul. Being a woman who likes to travel, cook and above all express her emotions in words, she decided to create a website for talented young writers who share her passion for writing.

Today Monomousumi has a reach of 1000 of poems, and articles are written by guest writers, students and Mousumi herself and holds monthly international essay writing competitions, and creative writing competitions.

The Website for the Budding Artist:

The Website for the Budding Artist

The best way of improving as a writer is through writing just as the best way to improve as a painter is by painting more pictures.

Realizing this, Mousumi Paul hoped to create a community of people with a passion for literature, writing, and art who grow together by sharing their experiences and feelings on a common platform.

It is also extremely important for writers to read the work of other writers, especially their contemporaries.

Thus a wide range of content has been made available on Monomousumi to allow one to be exposed to different kinds of writing as well as a variety of art forms.

It is especially good for students and young writers who may use it as a one-stop source for articles on current affairs, educational topics as well as lifestyle and tips for career growth.

Various creative writing competitions:

Today, not only does Monomousumi nurture young writers and give them a place to publish their work, but it also promotes young writers.

Monomousumi organizes monthly essay writing competitions for students as well as adults and promotes the winning essay on its page along with the writer’s bio-data.

Monomousumi recognizes talent and rewards it. The winner of the competition also gets a certificate signed by top government employees and eminent jury members along with exciting prizes.

Not Just about Prose:

Monomousumi is not merely designed as a website to find essays and opinion pieces on current affairs and the lifestyle. It is at its core a website meant for expression.


Poetry, being the language of the heart, is therefore thought to be just as important, and a poetry section is included to promote unpublished poets.

Helps add that extra spark to your resume:

In a world where good academic grades just aren’t enough. Monomousumi, helps young creative individuals add that “extra something” to their resume by allowing them to participate in various extracurricular activities that involve photography, painting, short story writing, essay writing, and poetry.

Bengali Section:

What really makes Monomousumi stand out is its Bengali section. Not only does Monomousumi promote writing in English, but also in vernacular languages. This was thought to be much needed in a world where vernacular languages are slowly said to be disappearing.

Monomousumi not only promotes the writer who is comfortable writing in English but also provides a platform to publish Bengali poems and write-ups.

While there are innumerable blogs and websites where one may read or upload write-ups in English, it is difficult to find websites which give equal importance to vernacular write-ups.

Monomousumi encourages one to go back to his/her roots and explore Bengali literature.

Monomousumi also encourages its guest writers and contest participants to submit write-ups in Hindi and Bengali.

Hopes for the Future:

Looking forward, Monomousumi would like to expand as an organization providing more opportunities to talented young individuals who have a passion for writing, art, and photography.