Choose Morocco for Celebration Your Christmas This year


Those who don’t know the actual celebration of Christmas by heart can never ever find it under a tree. If you are a wanderer and want to revive the lost soul of Christmas but you are confused about picking up the right destination, then this my recommendation is going to surprise you for all the astonishing reasons. Well, I think for the traveler like me this year Morocco is going to be the Christmas celebration. Let me tell you some of the amazing facts about Morocco and the reason I am myself choosing it for a celebration of my Christmas vacations this year.

Christian Majority

After Muslim second largest ethnic group found in Morocco is Christianity and most of the famous churches are also part of Moroccan culture. But when it comes to celebrating the Christmas no matter what ethnic group someone belongs to everyone is equally excited and thrilled. That is the reason why things to do in Morocco includes celebrating the great event of Christmas as a priority.

The Décor

When the Christmas is about to arrive the best part is the décor which is done in Morocco for welcoming the most lively festival of the year. Cities especially Rabat and Marrakech are decorated and each and every brand offers you a discount so if you are looking forward to viewing the beautiful decoration during Christmas week then Morocco is the best destination. The whole decoration will make you feel more welcomed than ever!

Visiting Catholic Church

You can visit the Catholic Churchs in Morocco though there are 50,000 Catholic churches in Morocco the most prominent churches are found in Rabat, Marrakech, and Algeria. You can attend the Christmas prayer there and relax your soul through it. The decoration done in all the churches are worth watching and praising as well. So you can devote your Christmas tour to visiting different churches in different parts of Morocco as well as set a new trend.

Amazing Nightlife

Well, who hasn’t appreciated the 101% improved and modernized nightlife of Morocco, so if you are planning to extend your trip till the new year’s eve then you are wiser than Einstien! This way you will be able to enjoy the party arranged on new years eve as well! This party is on the top of things to do in Morocco list of almost every tourist.

The Santa On Camel

You might have heard about the Santa flying high in the sky but the desert of Morocco is one special place where Santa comes on a camel. Yes, the Christmas celebration is done in the Sahara Desert of Morocco is one of its very own kind where the Santa comes on a camel. This is the most lavishing and interesting view one could ever have and that is the reason why people love to celebrate their Christmas vacations in Morocco because they find a very versatile and different way of celebrating their Christmas here.

Moroccan Cuisine

You can also enjoythe variety of cakes in the epic Moroccan style. You can also have the best dining experience as all the famous Moroccan restaurant will give you the Christmas discounts as well. Eat as much as you can and enjoy as much as you can, this isvery mouth watering for all the foodies present in the UK.