New York City Travel Tips All the Do’s and Don’ts

New York City Travel Tips

New York City is quite expensive but still remains to be one of the top names on a traveler’s wish list. To travel to a new place, one needs to have money and enough information about a destination and it works the same saw when traveling to New York. Are you up with any plans of exploring the dream city in the United States? Don’t get daunted by the high-soaring buildings and large crowds. New York is a friendly city if the tour is done right and we are here to share some New York City travel tips that will help you unveil the layers like a pro.

Avoid staying in Times Square

No doubt, places like Times Square and Rockefeller Center are iconic, but staying there is not a good idea. Visit the places, click some pictures in front of the huge billboards and move out to another place. There’s a lot the beautiful American city has to offer the visitors – get a city pass and save big bucks in exploring history, culture and heritage sites.

Look confident wherever you are

If you are too scared to walk down the streets with your family or friends, better stay home. To explore New York, you must look confident and anyways, NYC is among the safest cities in the world. It is one of the tips for visiting New York for the first time.

New York City Travel Tips

Get to the other part of the city

Why not go for a stroll across the famous Brooklyn Bridge in Lower Manhattan? You can also stop by for a baseball game at Queens or Bronx. Have lunch in Soho and do not miss out Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. If you are a shopping freak, the antique markets in Chelsea are definitely your stop.

Take a walk down the Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village

Taste the mouth-watering rice balls, cannolis, and pizzas at the arrays of Italian streets across the street. If you too particular to have Italian cuisines, check out places like Zagat, Lupa, and Morandi or stop by to convince a local for some good advice.

Use the Facility of Train

Get a Metro card for easy travel

You will need to travel in the metro trains around the city as it is both easy and faster. You just need to have a metro card and know the right way to use it. Note: the trains are densely crowded, hold on to the poles tightly and let other people their space to hang on. Maybe now you know why those hand sanitizers were made.

Please don’t drive!

Traffic in the city is horrific and you won’t be getting enough parking spaces on the streets. Sadly, there are no valid reasons to opt driving.

Stop pretending it is spring during winter

Okay. So you think you are always hot and could roam around the streets in Manhattan in your summer casuals? We would suggest dare not do that if you don’t want to shiver miserably after a few hours walk on the streets. If you are not a winter person, remember this NYC tips and tricks.

Dress according to the weather

It goes quite similar to the above point, but let’s talk about it a little more. Wherever and whenever you travel, dressing well is always a concerned point. If you are there in winter, make sure you have your coats, boots, and hat. During the rains, have a pocket umbrella handy and be careful on the streets.

Avoid dining out at the theme restaurants

This might come to a little surprise for you. Why do we say no to theme and chain restaurants? Undoubtedly, the famous theme restaurants in the city are great for succulent food and ambiance. But you won’t want to miss reaching out for the incredible restaurant with varieties of cuisines tastier and healthier either. We don’t want you to regret missing Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

Skip wearing souvenirs here

We know you are all excited to put on that “I Love New York” t-shirt, but it will cooler back at your home. You should only wear the Statue of Liberty crown to parties keeping the honor of the Lady Liberty.

Go for a stylishly comfortable outfit


To look stylish and comfortable in the attire, choose jeans and tee. Try putting on flats, boots, loafers, or oxfords rather than your regular sneakers.

#A Bonus Tip: Do whatever you feel like but never take out a map. Look cooler with Google Maps on the smartphone.

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of exploring NYC with these New York City travel tips, stay rest assure of a wonderful experience.

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