Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 Full Frame Mirrorless Everything You Need To Know

Full Frame Mirrorless cameras Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7

After a month rumor is real by introducing advances of full-frame mirrorless cameras by NIKON.

Nikon has made official his new system which they want to prop up his future. After a long time Nikon step into the mirrorless world doing with a strong knock on the table and a powerful professional model that capable to compete with the Sony A9.

Nikon going to release two cameras Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 whose main differences are the resolution of the

  • Sensor 24.5 MP and 45.7 MP
  • ISO sensitivity 51200vs 25600
  • burst speed 12 fps vs 9 fps
  • Focus points 273 vs 493

Of course also the price 2,300 and 3,700 euros.

Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 Specs & Features

As positive points, its 5-axis stabilizer (for the first time in Nikon) and a large diameter mount for future optics f / 0.95. The EVF viewer of 3.69 million points also seems one of its strengths. The hybrid AF system, which uses an algorithm that automatically switches between focus by phase detection or contrast, should also be on this side of the scale.

On the negative side, the shortage of own objectives that basically will be a short zoom 24-70mm of average brightness f / 4 plus a 35mm f / 1.8 S and a 50mm f / 1.8 S. There is a unique adapter FTZ (approx 300 €), is a compromise solution not recommended. Nor does it seem good that the storage system is exclusively XQD cards forgetting the much more popular SD.

Introducing the Nikon Mirrorless System

The video part stands out for its support for timecode, but otherwise only meets the 4K, 10-bit N-Log with HDMI output and slow motion at 120 fps. Other details included are silent, time-lapse or WiFi firing mode. The 20 modes of creative control seem to be left over in a camera with semi-professional aspirations.


With a processor EXPEED 6, the Nikon Z7 assures us a clear sharpness; as well as a higher noise reduction at ISO. Another feature that comes from this processor is the new middle-level associate option, in the image control menu.

Frame Z

In English “Z Mount”, is the frame of 11 contacts that comes with the Nikon Z7. This mount arrives together with the camera since both are a new Nikon design. With it, we find a new support that reaffirms the balance between the mounting diameter, the size of the sensor and the focal length of the flange.

This mount has the widest diameter in the world (55mm), which Nikon throws the arrow to a fairly high point. This opens the range for the design of The Z Mount has 11 contacts to improve communication between the camera and the target. The position of the mount is only 16mm from the sensor, which is why Nikon achieved a fairly compact camera.
This distance is ideal for those who wish to use the body with optics designed for other systems.

Z Mount – Compatibility

This mount is compatible with F mounting lenses, through the FTZ adapter; that also came along with the three new objectives and the Nikon Z6 and the Z7. Converting it that way, compatible with more than 93 current F mount lenses. Thanks to the FTZ adapter, we can see how the mount becomes compatible with a lot of lenses, so we know that Nikon thought about all the details.

While some older lenses are not compatible, most are.

So Nikon Z6 & Nikon Z7 cameras can adapt perfectly for photographers with different tastes and demands.

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