How do Payment Gateways impact WooCommerce user’s experience


Nowadays there are so many e-commerce platforms are available but WooCommerce and WordPress is the most branded platform in the online store.

We can easily shop there for the online shopper’s store and there is also available WooCommerce payment gateways.

But we know that if there are some pros and cons. some people have good and some have the bad experience when they have a good experience they visit again and spread a good thing about the store but when not have the good experience then probably they don’t visit again.

Importance of user experience

An opinion of a consumer is depending on the experiences.

Poor experience of a single customer has decreased the value of reputation of there store. Nowadays there are many online stores have to need to focus the online store for improving the sells on e-stores.


Once time WordPress designer thinking about the experience bettering of a client and this the best selection the had and afterward they get the priority from the clients.

The concern the navigation, page layout and many more and they support the websites of there purpose.

• Always help the customers what is the product they will find on their store?

• Always should make them comfort what they will be searching out and get experience smoother?

• You will know how to give him personal attention?

What is the Right Payment Gateway for Your Store?

And the next step is deciding the right payment gateway, so as to ensure a flawless customer experience.

A payment gateway will be hosted one or integrated via API.

A hosted payment gateway redirects the customer to the gateway’s site in order to enter the payment information it is very beneficial for the customer.

Now, think of this way. what would you feel if in a physical store asked you should go to the next doorstep to make a payment?

Will you consider it? Sending customers to another site is kind of the same, and it will maybe give a negative impact on sales. But may not be always.

What if you go to a bank to make a payment? you trust it and same as this is the way Hosted payment gateways work it.

• This is the biggest profit to hosted payment gateways on the offsite provider and it will be all responsible for all PCI compliance and data security. and you have one important thing less to worry about and can start selling bigger and sooner.

• When you can hold the off-site payment gateways, this is very popular for the consumer and many of the other peoples can easily trust them better (like PayPal, Stripe).

• Hosted payment gateways work well when you shopping all over the different countries and currencies and you can not integrate all possible payment transaction options available on your site.

And similarly, there are most of the online stores integrated payment transaction

gateways are the preferred choice of the customer.

Can we go modern or classic?

The modern payment gateway should be enabled to start your store without any much trouble it does not have come with any requirement of the setting up any merchant account customer.

But and the downside of that they usually charge a bigger per-transaction fee which may be become a burden as your store for in future soo be aware to increase the amount of the per-transaction fee.

Also, you will know about most of the  Modern payment gateways will send customers offsite should to make the payments make the safe and get an easier transaction.

Another availability is to consider the support for required payments. If you are planning on selling the subscription-based products which are very good, modern gateways are the most preferable of the option, they will support an automatic billing for the customer is easily usable by a customer and get should well be known by the merchant seller for use.

Nowadays, the well part is that there is a large number of popular WooCommerce payment gateway extensions you have to choose them. after them, you can view other features to choose between a “Classic” or “Modern” approach which mainly depends on the thinking of the customer what will be thinking about the modern or classic way of transaction.

Final Words:

Now, based on your customer, your location and most popular payment options as per trend, you have also had to make a choice between picking and the right payment gateways to conciliate your customers.

On the basic rule of thumb, several options are better than the one and it goes without mentioning that switching between payment gateways is a little painful as switching between E-Commerce platform.

Even if you change your mind, there are always services available to help you along the way.