7 proven ways to get traffic to your blog

Ways to drive traffic to your blog

There are proven ways that can you can use to get traffic to your new blog, following the step would be guaranteed your blog getting traffic which will help you to make money from your blog eventually.

New blogs are created almost every day but only a few survive due to not getting enough traffic, so if you don’t want your blogging to die a natural death due to lack of traffic, then you have to follow this step.

A new blog takes some time to get search engine traffic around 3 – 6 months for the blog to rank very well in the SERP. But you don’t have to wait for 6 months before getting the visitor to read your blog.

7 ways to get traffic to your blog:

There are proven ways that blogger with experience use in getting traffic to their blog without spending money on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or Google AdWords.  If you follow this step, you are guaranteed of getting traffic to your blog within a week.

Before I discuss the ways that you will use to get traffic to your blog, you need to have a well-written content around 1000 words and make sure that the post is search engine optimized so that it will get organic traffic on its own.

Share with your friend and family:

Your friend and family can help you to get traffic to your blog, you can ask about their opinion when they visit your site and they can share your content on their social media account.

Social Media Platform:

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Social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest can get you a large amount of traffic if you know how to leverage the social media platform. There are hundreds of Facebook group focusing on the different niche.

Find a related niche and join the group, some Facebook group will ask you a question and if they like your answer they will approve your membership.

Don’t spam this group with your blog post because it can lead you to be banned from the group, the best ways are to become engaged with other members of the group by posting interesting content to the group and sharing your post once in a while.

You can also email the group administrator if they can pin your blog post on the Facebook group wall.

To get traffic from twitter, you need to have a twitter account and follow established blogger and their follower around your niche, this is a proven way of getting targeted follower that is related to your niche, you can ask them for a retweet of your tweet, this can leads to blog getting traffic from twitter.

Grow Your Email List:

This is compulsory for every blogger because it is a way of getting traffic from an old visitor that subscribe to your blog; you inform them of new content on your blog and urge them to read more about it on your blog.

This could lead to getting traffic to your blog and you can use it for email marketing of your product or affiliate program. You can use MailChimp to get an email of your visitor, it allows you to have 2000 email subscriber or send 12000 email for free and upgrade to the paid version when your subscribers grow.

Video Marketing:

You can create a video that is relevant to your blog content and add the video to your content or upload the video to your YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe account.

You can create a quick 2 minutes video on your laptop, using the screen and upload the video to your blog content. The video can also get traffic for your blog when they rank on YouTube.

Forum Posting:

Forum posting is one way that you can use to get traffic to your blog and they can also increase your blog authority by creating a backlink to your blog.

Spamming this forum with your content can lead to the ban, so careful following their instruction and post relevant content and engage with other members on the forum.

Type ‘‘your niche + forum’’ on Google and join the first and second result that Google display by creating your account with them and read follow their instructions.

Guest Posting:

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Guest posting on an established blog with authority related to your niche can help you to get traffic to your blog and also improve your blog authority.

Find the blogs by Typing ‘‘your niche + guest post’’ on Google and send them to email to check if they accept guest post. If they allow guest post, write an article and send it to them to get traffic and create a backlink to your blog.

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You can also allow the guest post on your own blog to get traffic because blogger that guest post on your blog would also share it to their social media account.

Blog Commenting:

Writing one line comments on another blog to get traffic is considered spamming. To get traffic to your blog you can implement blog commenting by writing meaningful and engaging comments.

Final Words:

All the above methods to get traffic are proven methods of getting traffic to your blog must try these methods. If you have some other way to get traffic to your blog then share it with us in the comment section.