7 Reasons Which Make WordPress The Best CMS In 2018

Wordpress Best CMS in 2018

WordPress since its inception in 2003 has provided an efficient and convenient platform for web development to all types of users.

The content management system (CMS) is much sought after by people requiring new interfaces as well as those who want to switch over to the platform with the help of services like convert Drupal to WordPress, in order to take advantage of its benefits.

The service is ideal for all web development projects and the most compelling reasons which make WordPress the best CMS available to any user are being presented here.

1. Economical Platform For Web Development

One of the major reasons that attract a lot of people towards the platform is its open source nature and the free availability of a number of themes and plugins.

While there are many premium themes and plugins also available, a functional website can be created without any significant monetary investment by only paying for website hosting and domain name services.

Even if paid products are used or a professional WordPress development agency is employed for the fashioning of the interface the final cost of development will be much lower as compared to some other web development tools.

WordPress provides an economical platform for website development without compromising on the quality of the final product.

2. Convenient And Easy To Use

The platform is also easy to use and does not require much technical knowledge on the part of a user for installing its setup which can be easily done in just a few steps.

All the elements of the website can be modified from the convenient admin dashboard which also does not require much effort or time for getting used to.

It is extremely helpful for most new users or people who do not have technical knowledge for performing some regular tasks like publishing and managing content or uploading media.

A user can manage a WordPress website from anywhere in the world as long as he/ she has access to the internet and a modern browser as well as handle multiple websites from a single admin panel.

3. Helps In Obtaining A Personalized Website

It is necessary to have a unique interface which is distinctive in appearance from its competitors and the objective can be easily achieved when WordPress is the chosen tool for web development.

The feature of themes for designing an interface is one of the biggest conveniences offered by the platform to its users.

These templates which are available for free as well as at a price, come with numerous customization options for the typography, layout and color scheme of the website which helps in imparting a unique look to the interface.

Every single page of a website can also be given a completely different look, if a user desires so, as the platform supports the integration of multiple designs in a single interface.

4. Effortless Addition Of Functionalities

The CMS provides an extremely effortless way of extending the functionalities of a website, in the form of plugins.

The large community of developers working dedicatedly on the platform has contributed by creating plugins- free as well as premium, for almost every conceivable functionality.

These plugins help the website in performing some essential functions like creating auto backups and optimizing content for SEO apart from some extremely useful additional functionalities like attaching an online store to the interface.

This is one of the key features that has made WordPress the best CMS for building a website.

5. Search Engine Friendly Platform

WordPress is an inherent search engine friendly platform with features like auto structuring URLs into search engine friendly links and generation of XML Sitemap.

It also provides various tools that can be used for optimizing the posts as well as pages of an interface.

Moreover, websites created with the help of the open source platform are fast loading entities which can be deployed on all major browsers and these factors also contribute towards improving rankings in search results pages.

There are also numerous SEO plugins available that are useful in modifying elements like permalinks, meta tags, titles etc. which positively affect the visibility of the website.

6. Supports Responsive Website Development

One of the key requirements of any modern day web development project is that the platform used for the purpose must support the creation of responsive websites.

The number of people using gadgets like smartphones for accessing the internet is increasing by the day and in order to provide a satisfying experience to such users, it is essential to have a mobile-friendly website.

WordPress facilitates the creation of such interfaces and a majority the themes on the platform are responsive in nature helping in building interfaces that are not affected by the screen size of the device.

7. Possesses Robust Security Features

The safety of the website is a matter of prime concern not only for owners and WordPress provides robust security measures with regular software updates addressing any vulnerabilities. The service is supported by a large community of developers who not only help in spotting any issues but also in providing the solution to the problem.

Besides, all the themes and plugins also get updates from time to time ensuring all-around protection for any user. The process of upgrading the core software or the themes/ plugins is also very simple and can be performed in a few clicks or by auto scheduling.


These are just some of the reasons for a long list of advantages which make WordPress the best CMS for building a website. The convenience and ease of use provided by the platform even to technically deficient users are unmatched by any other service.