Role of SEO in Digital Marketing


SEO term stands for search engine optimization where you need to list your website in google search engine so you will get lots of queries and leads. Nowadays generating leads through online or internet is a passion people working for optimization of search engine so they will earn the profit in our business.

Basically, search engine optimization is the process where to need to optimize your website to the guidelines of search engine so search engine gives you the ranking and people working for ranking at first place that because of the importance of search engine optimization increases day by day. If you looking for SEO of your website then you need to follow the strategies that will help you to rank in google search engine.

Basically, SEO works in two different phase the first one is on-page optimization and the other one is the off-page optimization, so before starting SEO of your website then you need to know how SEO work according to the search engine and what are the necessary steps to ranking your website on google.

What is On-Page Optimization and Role of On-page optimization?

If you are making necessary changes on your website according to google policy is called on-page optimization. On-page optimization is necessary because if google robots come to your website and no indication or found any policy violence then your website will be banned in google search engine.

What are the on page policy of google?

Google has announced the panda updates which is used to find out those websites which having duplicate content, or thin and low-quality content will be banned from google search engine if you don’t have to follow this guideline your site will be penalized by Google.

SO in the factor of on-page optimization, we need to keep in mind google panda updates, so you need to write unique content which more beneficial and increase your Google ranking. Google clearly mention that if the website having quality content then the website will rank fast but you need to follow some more to optimize the on-page which is mention below:

1. Target your Keyword in content: write content related to your keyword
2. A keyword for Title: Keep your keyword in the title
3. Keyword in URL: Your website having the keyword in URL then it shows the good sign to google
4. Keyword in description: Define keyword reach description.
5. Internal linking: If you link your one page to another page between the content then it shows the good sign of SEO.

Now you can start on-page optimization follow the above process and will help you to rank, these are the very important steps which send great signals to Google. After completing the on-page optimization you need to complete the off page optimization which also plays an important role to rank your website in search engine.

Importance of Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is the process of building links from external website like if you optimize your website you need to create links at some powerful or good domain authority sites then it will help to you rank your website in google search engine this is the most effective method to rank your website in google, we will let you know some opp page techniques that will help to rank you in search engine which is mention below.

1. Directory submission
2. Social bookmarking
3. Guest posting
4. Blog commenting
5. Article submission sites
6. Profile link building
7. Question and answering

These are the few link building strategies which help you to rank in google search engine. Off-page strategy always works to generate leads for your business, if you are ad your website in classified submission then you will get a backlink and list your product and service on ads posting sites.