10 Romantic Travel Destinations to Propose

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In every healthy, strong relationship there will come a time when you begin to think about marriage. If you’re going to ask her to marry you, then you need to put some serious thought into how you are going to do it and where you’re going to do it.

Proposing to her in a beautiful, romantic place is every woman’s dream. Consider taking her on a vacation to one of 10 of the most romantic travel destinations to pop the question.

1) Paris, France

Paris romantic places

This city is called the city of lovers for a multitude of reasons. There is so much to do in Paris including visiting famous art museums, historical churches, and picturesque public parks. For someone who wants to propose, Paris is indeed the place to be.

The tomb of Abelard and Heloise in Pere Lachaise Cemetery is a great place to pop the question. The Eiffel tower is a classic spot filled with romance and countless proposals. Or you could propose while gazing at the portrait known as the single most important piece of art, Louvre.

2) New York, USA

The Big Apple is a gateway to lovers who are ready to make that leap into a married life. It is host to a multitude of lovers all year round. Attractions include carriage rides in Central Park, countless shopping areas, fine dining prepared by world-renowned chefs, and the Broadway theatre among other wonderful places.

romantic destination To Propose your love

The hustle and bustle of New York provide for countless witnesses of your pledge of love. For a contemporary city marriage proposal, lovers can stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, or visit Greenwich Village. The urban setting is a great alternative destination for marriage proposals.

3) Venice, Italy

Venice is a popular choice among romantic vacation destinations. Taking a ride on a gondola with your loved one in your arms while admiring the scenic view is the perfect spot to pop the question. The unique allure of the city creates a romantic atmosphere for lovers, and ‘yes’ is a common answer to every proposal. The city also hosts many world-class hotels and restaurants, providing the perfect ending to a special day.

4) Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The place is a sanctuary for lovers with its crystal clear lagoons, majestic waterways, and white sand beaches, all of which provide a serene backdrop to your proposal. Bora Bora is a destination where many celebrities go that want to escape to paradise.

The place is like a safe haven that makes its visitors forget about the outside world. Popping the question would be effortless when the ambiance and feel of the place boost your confidence to help you say those 4 words, “Will you marry me?”.

5) Mount Pilatus, Lucerne

Mount Pilatus romantic places

This Mountain is Lucerne’s highest peak and is regarded as the best place to reach cloud nine when proposing to your beloved. Mountain attractions provide lots of activities that couples can enjoy while being isolated from the rest of the world.

6) Tuscany, Italy

This place is known as the most romantic place on earth to propose. Just the name ‘Tuscany’ should be enough to make lovers who desire to experience the most captivating sights want to visit this mesmerizing place. Tuscany is host to many enchanting views of nature’s finest creations and ancient architectural wonders. The city still retains its unique, classic look that you see in romance movies.

7) Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii Romantic Places

The island is a Mecca for lovers who enjoy a tropical paradise with palm trees, cool winds, and a romantic view of the night sky across the ocean. Hawaii is home to several high-end hotels and resorts, which make Hawaii the ultimate romantic getaway for lovers. Strolling along the beach, leaving footsteps on pristine white sands, basking under the warm sun, exploring the underwater wonders, are all possibilities endless in Maui.

8) Montreal, Canada

The Petite Promenade in Montreal will create the most romantic atmosphere for a marriage proposal. The adventure starts by taking a stroll through Beaver Lake following the promenade through the woods. When you reach the Chalet, it is the perfect spot to pop the question. There are several Canadian travel destinations for lovers, but the promenade is one of the most sought out places for men to propose.

9) Bali, Indonesia

This popular travel destination in Asia has undeniable mystic charms. The unique and rich culture will appeal to any couple in love. Couples can also go through “Bali-ness”, which is a cultural program that offers culinary classes.

10) Costa Rica

Untouched rainforests, captivating landscapes, biodiversity, and incredible waterways is Costa Rica’s version of a romantic getaway. There isn’t a better way to propose that by doing it near the La Paz Waterfall. However, if the both of you are hoping to see something more extreme, then Irazu and Poas volcanoes would be another great choice to pop the question.

Which Romantic Travel Destinations you like the most let us know in the comment section.

Have a great time with your love!