Seven Best Medical Apps For Android

Best Medical Apps For Android

Today in this modern era of technology, many sectors of society are booming and flourishing in a much faster way. The most expansion ever recorded is in the medical sector.

Be it the modern day treatment techniques, future-ready treatment of ailments or advanced equipment for treatment, the technology has helped for the welfare of the society in the sector of medicine. Today almost everyone has access to smartphones equipped with powerful functions.

These smartphones can play a vital role in monitoring your health and guiding you. There are numerous renowned applications available for Android smartphones which have proved to be quite beneficial for people.

Let’s look at some of the top seven medical applications for android given below –

1) Red Cross first aid

As the name suggests “red cross first aid” is the basic application which guides people about everyday first aid treatments and tips. This platform can be used by common peoples as it involves the primary procedures which can be carried out in an emergency.

Ever wondered what one should do in case of a bee sting, asthma attacks, knife cut or other minimal injuries? Well, this application provides primary education about treatment and cure of small ailments like common cold, fever etc. Red Cross first aid provides the step by step procedures for treating everyday medical conditions which can occur with anyone.

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2) Pill identifier Pro and Drug Info –

This application has been developed by “Mobilicks” and is quite helpful for everyone. It has got a powerful inbuilt feature of pill identifier which identifies a frug or a pill based on its name, imprint, color and shape. All the information on drugs produced is recognized by FDA and DEA.

It also provides other features like calculating BMI, blood pressure, drug recall, monitoring pulse rate, drug index, and recall. With the help of pill identifier application, one can also easily navigate local hospitals, clinics, pharmacy, gym, SPA, veterinary, dentist and doctors available nearby by locating them in the map. This application does not require any account creation or other irritating hassles.

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3) Doctor on demand

This application helps you connect to a variety of healthcare professionals like pediatrics, physician, psychologist etc. The mode of communication is generally through audio, video or even text messaging for a much lower price. The cost of 15 minutes advice will cost you around $40.

This application lets you connect with licensed doctors from the nearby hospitals. This application helps you get a proper advice and prescription without even stepping out of the home. Doctor on demand is available easily on Google play store and lets you get connected with a variety of healthcare professionals and doctors.

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4) Glucose buddy

Today due to changing lifestyle, people are more prone to harmful diseases. One such common harmful disease caused by changing lifestyle is Diabetes. This disease is commonly known as “sugar” too. In this ailment, the sugar level in a person’s blood increases causing several symptoms like a headache, fever, irregular bodily functions etc.

Glucose buddy helps a diabetic patient by reminding him to take proper diet. If the patient requires a dosage of insulin daily, this application sends reminders to the patient. It also provides information about disease remedy and precautions to be taken care of.

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5) Disease info

This application provides a brief description of the recent researches and discoveries related to medicine. This application is very efficient for Android smartphones as it provides a detailed analysis of the drugs, pills, and diseases.

This platform is very suitable for medical students and common people as it helps to boost our knowledge about different diseases. Moreover, this platform does not require any irritating signup or other hassles. It also facilitates the users to locate the nearby hospital and gives a detailed description of the types of treatments available there.

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6) Micromedex

It is one of the most popular applications used by doctors and pharmaceuticals used for the reference of proper prescription and drug dosage. One can find the name of a specific drug or pill using Micromedex easily.

This application cost $3 for it premium services which include live chatting and support from the healthcare professionals. Often people are confused about the dosage and proper use of the medicine. This platform helps patients find the proper use of a specific medicine. Micromedex is most commonly used by medical students for study and reference purpose.

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7) Medscape –

This Android application is widely used by doctors and healthcare professionals for a variety of medical references. It is one of the most comprehensive application for Android and popular due to its vast free content. This platform is well equipped with over 8000 drug references, 4000 clinical journals, more than thousands of clinical image references and many CME activities.

This is indeed a next-generation application designed specifically for doctors. It i also a useful application designed for drug reference, robust drug interaction tool checker, prescription and provide adequate clinical pearls. All these materials and inbuilt tools are available for free of cost.

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Overall, the above-mentioned applications are quite beneficial for the users and are easily available on numerous platforms like Google play store and other application platforms.

These applications are compatible with the smartphones and provide numerous information about ailments, home remedies, first aid and also helps to monitor bodily functions and keeps a check on it to keep you healthy. One should remember that with a healthy body comes better-thinking capability.