Social Media Has a Great Impact on Search Engine Ranking

Social Media Has a Great Impact on Search Engine Ranking

Social communication has changed greatly in the past decades and so, transforming from instant messengers into powerful social engagement is one of the effective ways to promote products and reach out to audiences in today’s world.

Have you ever thought if the social likes, shares, and comments that your site content gets play an important role in improving Google ranking? The biggest search engine, Google is often asked: “Does social media affect SEO?” Well, the answer to this question is, Social media and search engine optimization work together to provide the audience with higher relevance and better value.

Let’s discuss how social media can have an impact on SEO and how to optimize social media sites for SEO benefit.

Potential for links

The more shares you will have on social media management, the more opportunities you provide to the people for seeing the content and adding links to it. As per a case study, a company received more than 130,000 Facebook shares for a web page and got improved rankings for competitive keywords. Still, it ranks on the first position and is a great example of creating quality content and brand promotion strategy.

In the year 2014, it was assumed that Facebook shares are a good ranking signal and Facebook shares helped to improve rankings. However, it was not due to Facebook shares, rather it was about those links that come from Facebook shares. It hardly matters whether it is Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you create quality content that grabs attention on social media, then you will probably get links from other sites.

Build an audience

You can avail the best product/service, but when people do not know about them, you won’t be able to increase customer base. You need to be proactive and reach out to people where they actually are. Most people have joined social media these days and Facebook has almost 2 billion users. Thus, social media is said to be a great way to build an online presence and create an audience base.

Digital Advertising

Experts who offer SEO services in London said, click-through-rates can have a great impact on search engine rankings. Social media marketing helps to create brand awareness and engage user audience that increases the chances of people clicking on brand’s content in search results. Thus, the bigger your brand may be and the more consumers have thrust upon you, the more likely you will obtain a larger share of clicks in Google. Social media is an efficient way to build your brand and make you visible amongst visitors.

Branded searches

When consumers search for your brand name with keywords on Google, this can help you rank for similar keyword phrases. Instagram does not have the perfect linking procedure and so, what happened earlier was several consumers were searching for things on Google with relevant and related keyword phrases. This has enabled Google to know what consumers actually wanted when they searched for the specific phrases.

Help in promotion

YouTube is the second most popular search engine but most YouTube search queries have lower commercial-intent while Google converts all potential customers. You can still make the most use of YouTube to influence SEO performance positively. You may create videos for the promotion of your brand or content that can produce links. Thus, your videos may potentially rank organically in the search engine result pages or SERPs.

Some dependencies that can help to promote content to the audience are:

• Your audience should be on the social media platform

• Your audience must take care of your valuable content

This is why online engagement can be quite challenging for most B2B companies. Generally, people use social media for their personal interests and hobbies. But if you want to take a different approach, then you might get better user engagement.

So, will Google ever be able to include social media signals in the ranking algorithm? Despite what the future has in store, social media can help in boosting your SEO efforts. Social media provides various benefits for the long term.

According to DubSEO experts, even though social media is not a direct ranking factor for Google, yet it is one of the effective ways to be visible online and promote quality content and this is what Search Engine Optimisation is all about.