Stylish Tops for Girls to Take their Style-Quotient Several Notches Up

Stylish Tops For Girls

The winter season is just around the corner, now that the trees have completely shed off their fall baggage. And for every girl in the northern hemisphere, this is a trying period. Because for one thing, they can’t play around with all their summer & spring clothing anymore.

You know the kinds that cautiously expose more of your skin (with each new designer collection). And which you don’t usually have to worry about ironing all the time. Because the sun’s incoming rays tend to take care of that problem.

In a recent HughesNet plans commissioned apparel blog post, I came to know about all the tops that should be in my winter closet in 2018. Advice that I’m more than thrilled to share with you!

Addicted to Cute Clothes

If you haven’t caught any hint of it as yet, I’m addicted to clothes.

I treat them like my second skin, really. Or first – depending on my psychological state at the time.

Clothes instantly brighten my mood whenever I’ve had to deal with some heartbreak in life. Ask me on any day of the week, and I’ll tell you. No husband, or boyfriend, or ‘friend’, can compete with the unconditional love offered by a good fabric.

Something that soothes and caresses your soul, with only the promise of a one-time payment! And when I compare this fact with the divorce money that my ex-leeched off me two years ago, I think I have a strong argument going in my favor.

My kids, of course, are an entirely different ball game. But even in their case, good clothing plays an essential role. Especially with their self-esteem, in the absence of a father figure. And for aiding them in their own dating (and possibly marriage) prospects.

My oldest is already 26, after all. Not that I’m in anyway complaining!

Stylish Top Ideas for the Winter Season

So without any further ado, allow me to get down to business. And dispense with all the clothing wisdom that I’m positively dying to share with you. You would be too, once you get to know what I’m talking (or rather writing) about.

For starters, I’d strongly recommend that you reserve about $300 to $500 for your incumbent shopping stint. Also, try to steer clear of designer material this time around. Instead, shop at the second-hand clothing stores in your community.

These can fetch some really good stuff, and at a fraction of the expense that you’d otherwise bear. Also, you can still find fashionable choices from last year’s used stock.

Never worry.

I’ve briefly explained each of these (my favorites – which can make any girl look & feel special) in detail following this list:

  1. 1. Kashmiri Wool Long Sleeved Top
  2. 2. Long Collar Top with ‘Count’ Collars
  3. 3. Plain ‘Spaceship’ High Neck
  4. 4. Pleated, Body-Hugging, Top

Kashmiri Wool Long Sleeved Top

Made up of imported Kashmiri wool, these winter essentials combine a comfortable warmth with beautiful patterns. These artworks are mostly stick-on, but even embroidered patterns can do. The long sleeves bring an additional touch of class to the wardrobe, making it suitable for the older women out there. Who says that only the younger dames can have all the fun!

These tops became all the rage during the winter of 2017, but their appeal hasn’t diminished. And what’s more, two of Hollywood’s trendiest starlets, Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz, were recently spotted sporting them at a friend’s party in Malibu.

The ‘Count’ Collars Affair

These winter tops are not your average high necks. They come with stiff (yet strangely elastic) collars designed to resemble the wardrobe of a popular literary icon. Yes, I’m referring to the infamous Count Dracula, of Bram Stoker (and many Hollywood productions) fame.

Count collar tops, in a nutshell, are simply guaranteed to attract attention. From both curious onlookers and envious divas.

‘Spaceship’ High Necks

Again, these are not your average high necks. They’re more in line with the futuristic ‘Star Trek’ types of tops that are usually sported by the characters in popular science fiction productions. These tops are snug, and they wrap around your body like a warm embrace.

At the same time, they’re quite tough. I tried to fix one of these bad boys (or girls?) with my home sewing kit. It didn’t work. And you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that one of my metal needles actually broke in the process!

Pleated ‘Schoolgirl’ Top

As a 40-year old grown-up woman, I can say that the only recent time when I felt like my daughter’s age was when I put one of these tops on. My bedroom mirror is my witness (in this respect).

The pleats further give you a mysterious look, which is almost inviting. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d encourage you to wear one on your next date. Provided, of course, if you really want to take your relationship further!

In the last week of September (this year), I won a clothing discount through a HughesNet Internet Service contest. And I don’t need to mention this, but I used it all up in my shopping spree. I bought a top for each of the categories I’ve discussed here. This account is not much of a shocker, then; since I speak from personal experience.