Best Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Best Supplements for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Losing weight and gaining muscle mass at the same time isn’t an easy thing. Someone would need to pull all efforts together to achieve both and this means more than eating smart and training heavy. A supplementation plan is a key to successful muscle building, yet finding the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain is another tricky aspect of the whole process. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best supplements to enable the body to build muscle while shedding off fat and extra pounds:

Fat Loss Supplements

There are as many fat loss aids as there are fat loss issues. Basically, fat loss formulas are categorized into: thermogenic (stimulant) and non-stimulant fat burners.

Thermogenic fat burners are great for those who find it difficult to get the amount of energy required for long workout sessions. They are also good for individuals who just need the extra edge that a stimulant provides.

Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

Non-stimulant fat burners usually come with ingredients blended in different ways to do different things. There are those that come with L-carnitine that is claimed to increase the transport of fatty acids and their conversion into energy.

Let’s take a look at top 3 fat loss supplements around.

1. PhenQ

A weight loss supplement like PhenQ combines stimulant and non-stimulant properties to give you a wholesome solution to weight loss. It contains capsimax powder, which is a mixture of vitamin B3 and a number of fat burning supplements that increase body temperatures to promote fat burning.

You can read Pehnq Reviews from real buyers on its own site. It also contains caffeine, a natural stimulant, and energy booster. This ingredient motivates the body to activity thus helping you to lose fat through exercise. It also contains L-carnitine which increases fat burning into energy.

2. Hydroxycut

It’s been more than a decade now since we have Hydroxycut around and it is also one of most famous supplements available for weight loss today. Even though there are different types of this supplement available today but the one used most commonly is known as Hydroxycut simply.

The supplement comes equipped with quite a few different ingredients that are known to promote weight loss such as caffeine and some plant extracts. And, no matter what the critics may say, the supplement is known to be effective. A study found that it helped the subjects lose around 21 lbs weight within 3 months.

However, it does come with some side effects and if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might experience jitteriness, anxiety, nausea, tremors, irritability, and diarrhea.

3. Orlistat (Alli)

A well-known pharmaceutical drug, Orlistat is sold by the name of Alli over-the-counter. Under prescription, however, you may know it by the name Xenical.

The weight loss supplement actually inhibits fat breakdown in your gut and makes you take fewer calories that come from fat. Reviewing 11 studies on the use of orlistat as a weight loss supplement found out that it can help you lose around 6 pounds more compared to any other dummy pill around.

Besides weight loss, this pill is known to show some reduction in blood pressure as well. A study also found that it may help you reduce type 2 diabetes risk by around 37%.

Maintaining/Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

If you are more focused on gaining quality lean muscle mass, it is good to know which products to use for that endeavor. The best supplements for muscle gain are those that help you to lift heavier, last longer doing exercise, and spare your lean muscle from muscle wasting (which gym experts call catabolization). Muscle wasting occurs when there are insufficient nutrients to maintain muscle, or when you overexercise and don’t allow time for the body to heal. Stress can also be a causing factor of catabolization.

Protein supplements are almost mandatory for muscle building because getting enough protein is critical for muscles to grow and develop. The idea is to consume more proteins than the body is breaking down naturally.

While it’s possible to get enough protein from a diet, few people are able to maintain a protein-rich diet and that’s where protein supplements come in. Therefore, when planning your weight loss and muscle gain journey, be keen to list a number of protein supplements.

In addition to weight loss and muscle gain supplements, equipping your diet with multivitamins and antioxidants will help you to stay healthy and strong as you pursue your goals.

Remember, most of these supplements contain powerful ingredients so when starting out take small doses (most often the prescription will contain this information) then increase the dosage to the level your body can take. You are also advised to consult your doctor first if you have any existing health conditions such as heart problems and diabetes.

Here are the top 3 muscle gain supplements for you.

Whey Protein Powder

When it comes to muscle mass-gain supplements, Whey comes on top as it is most crucial to push protein synthesis. This milk protein features a high amount of the branched-chain amino acids and helps generate muscles quickly.

It also digests fast and contains peptides as well which increase the flow of blood to your muscles. That’s the reason why the consumption of whey protein is recommended right after training.

Casein Protein Powder

Another milk protein on the list, the casein protein powder has always been the second fiddle after whey because of its slow rate of digestion. Still, it is an ideal supplement to take before the bedtime as it helps prevent catabolism as you sleep and empties steadily.

With casein, you also feel less full and that certainly makes for a perfect snack for anyone who’s interested in packing on the muscle mass. When taken after a workout, casein can be helpful in boosting the synthesis of muscle protein similar to whey. You may even combine it with whey and take a protein shake right after your workout to increase the growth of muscle even better.


Comprised of three different amino acids – namely, glycine, arginine, and methionine – the use of creatine has proven to be a source of dramatic strength and muscle gain.

It not only increases the supply of quick energy to the muscles which are necessary for performing repetitions at the gym. And, it also draws some extra water into the muscle cells and places a stretch on these cells for increasing long-term growth.

Recent research has found that it can also boost insulin levels, like that of IGF-1, in the muscles and helps in growth stimulation.

So, these are some of the best supplements for weight loss and muscle gain and you must try them to achieve all the great benefits they have to offer.