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George Abbott popularly called Gstar or George Gstar has a net worth of about $180 million. He is into the logistics and also has metal recycling firms. He still believes that real estate is the most worthwhile investment anyone can get involved in. Here is an insight into the life of Gstar.


Gstar’s childhood was not the regular cozy story you hear about children. His early years were a nightmare. Raised without a father and a single mum, he had to develop the mentality of a man as a young boy. His mother stood in as the dad too and for this Gstar will always remain grateful.

His mother remains his chief motivator, and he sees her as a hero. To provide for herself and her son, his mother worked tough jobs. Gstar was typically rebellious, got involved with bullies a lot, and into so many street fights. He soon went on to explore the world of boxing, and by the time he was 15, he won the Golden Gloves for Juniors.

Gstar kept getting thrown out of all schools in attended (both private and public) so much that no school wanted to take him in anymore. At age 15, he seemed to make the best decision of his life by moving out to be independent.


Seeing his parents get divorced when he was just four affected Gstar. About 12 months later, his mother’s boyfriend was murdered by his dad, who shot him in his mum’s presence.

His dad was imprisoned, and his mum had to take on two jobs to be able to see herself through college up till law school. Gstar and his mum survived on food stamps, had a trailer for a house and tasted the rough side of life. His dad became an alcoholic after getting out of jail.


Gstar’s got his first job at when he was in college. He worked at Smoothie King, and his experiences there moved him to make a decision not to work for any human again, and that was his last job. Since the age of 14, he had trained his mind to believe that would be great and would be a millionaire.

Having a passion for self-development, he began doing business. By the time Gstar was 17, he had no home and had accumulated a debt of about $30,000. He lived in his beat-up car and took baths in bathrooms at various gas stations. His turning point came when one night, he had to shower in the rain because the gas stations were closed.

Desperate to turn his life around, he listened to Tony Robbins that night and got motivated by what he heard. From that point forward, Gstar decided to dedicate himself to personal development. Gstar began to read books on success at 3-day intervals to put his life on the path to success.

Gstar had become a millionaire by the time he was 21. His income amounted in millions, and at that age, he had millions of dollars in his account. Gstar’s liquid net worth hit more than $150 million by the time he clocked 27.


Gstar is motivated by the thought of having total freedom to exist and play by his own rules. Not having to live the regular life which involves bosses, traffic, alarm clocks, and so on makes him tick. Gstar also gets inspiration from people who never give up until they finally achieve the life they want for themselves.

He believes that through personal development, he discovered the drive and the resilience to become a winner in life. He also believes that having a healthy body is essential in other to have a healthy mind. For Gstar, physical vitality is a significant factor that promotes mental vitality. Gstar’s formula for success is:


Gstar also believes that three unique qualities which made him very successful are being persistent, being resilient, and applying a hands-on approach to business management. He uses these qualities to manage lots of employees and his versatility in role performance has helped him propel his businesses from small-scale formats to multi-million dollar organizations.


Gstar sees money as a necessity and the key to having better life experiences. He claims not to have as much interest in money as people think. Gstar claims not to be scared of losing all of his money. All he does is to take a very calculated risk. Memories from the days when he was broke to remind him that money is not everything in life.

Gstar feels people become too paranoid when they acquire wealth and that the fear of losing all that money makes them to not enjoy their lives by keeping the money stuck in their accounts. Gstar is all for memories over money and believes that he’d still get all his money back even if he lost it all.


Studying others to learn what the secrets of success were and acquiring the needed skill were the elements that propelled Gstar to victory. Gstar believes that becoming an expert in any field involves gaining in-depth knowledge on a subject.

This would catapult you to the first-tier of those in that industry. Gstar also values the power of mentorship. Finding someone already succeeding in your area of interest and asking them to be your mentor is vital to achieving success.


Gstar’s portfolio includes

  • A significant Freight and logistics firm
  • Metal recycling firms with operations cut across the US and also in Russia.
  • A real estate firm
  • A firm based in Adult Entertainment
  • Websites which generate more than $45 million yearly
  • Treatment for anxiety patients which blends hemp oil with medical procedures.


Gstar is obsessed about living forever and vampires. He has a personal goal of becoming a vampire one day.