Tips of Connecting a Netgear Range Extender to the WiFi Network

NETGEAR Extender Setup
NETGEAR Extender Setup

First of all, we would like to congratulate you on buying a new Netgear range extender. It is the smartest decision ever taken by you. Now, you have to set it up on your own. Trust us, it is not a big deal; you can easily complete it if you do it with that same excitement when you bought it.

Remember, Netgear Extender Setup is done only when you locate your existing router within the range of your new WiFi device. After that, you have to plug both the devices into an electric wall socket and wait for the LED lights on them start blinking.

Moreover, if your devices are overheated or slightly heated we would recommend you do not proceed further until and unless they are completely cool.

What do the LEDs on your devices indicate:


  • >Green- Most excellent Connection
  • >Amber- Excellent Connection
  • >Red- Worst Connection
  • >Off- No Connection (disable)


  • >Solid Green- High-quality Connection
  • >Amber Blue- Fine Connection
  • >Solid Red- Deprived Connection
  • >Disable- Off

Network LED:

  • >Solid Amber- Good quality Connection
  • >Solid Green- Superior Connection
  • >No LEDs (Off)- Disable

Main LED (WPS):

  • >Solid Green- WiFi safety is on
  • >Blinking Green- In progress
  • >Amber- Superior Connection
  • >Disable (Off)- No connection

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS): Enable Security

  • >Connect your range extender and the router with the help of an Ethernet Cable.
  • >Press and hold the WPS button on both the devices for 20 seconds. Apply this process on one device and in the gap of two minutes, relate the same process on another.
  • >Now, grab your computer and with the help of another Ethernet cable, connect your range extender with it.
  • >After that, launch a web browser and in the address bar type 168.1.250.

Netgear Genie Setup: Dealing With Range Extender

Once you have connected your devices with each other. Open a web browser and log in into the Web Page Netgear Genie Setup by typing mywifiext into the address bar. After that, you are supposed to fill the username and password into the below empty fields. Fill the two by default and proceed further. In case you don’t have those details, do not panic just seek the advice of an IT executive or you can also ask your Internet Service Provider to help you out with the same.

Once you got them, just rush and keep stick with the positive responses appears before you and asking for a single click on it. Do not redirect or go back until it asks you to click finish. The words finish is related to the biggest success that you have achieved in the process of your installation.

Things to avoid and what to follow:

  • >After your process of installation comes to an end, move the extender to its intended place. But avoid interference of range limit. The difference should not go beyond 30 feet.
  • >Keep all your devices updated and set them free in a cool but dry place.
  • >Don’t make use of that adapter and Ethernet cable that are in poor condition.
  • >Do not enable WiFi when the process of installation is going on.
  • >Turn off all the metal appliances.

Extender texture:

  • >Gives up to Gigabits speed without any signal breakage that follows each and every step of yours at every inch from door front to backyard.
  • >Setup a limit for Parental control as well as Guest access and avoid your network from hacking.
  • >Always keep you updated, when intruder ever tries to enter in your WiFi range.
  • >Easily make a relationship with all your devices and always make them up and running.

We are here to share our valuable views with the user in order to get them rid of annoying troubleshooting situation.

If you cannot open mywifiext nor had any question or queries regarding your network and the range extender, feel free to let us know on the comment box given below. We will be fortunate and glad to help you.