Tips to Reduce the Weight of School Backpacks

Tips to reduce the weight of school backpacks

We have already entered fully into the school year, and that means one thing: the children are already in the routine of loading the books of all the daily subjects. The excessive weight of their backpacks has direct repercussions on their back, deriving in pains and problems such as scoliosis or spinal deviation. To avoid this, we give you some of the best tips to reduce the weight of your school backpacks.

Adapt the backpack

Although it is best to carry a backpack with wheels so that the child does not have to carry it all the time, traditional backpacks can also be adjusted with straps to properly distribute the weight, since it usually accumulates in the lower part of the body. Bembel designed their backpacks by keeping in mind the comfort of its customers and this is why they have quite a big name of customers all around the world.

Choose a backpack with wide and adjustable shoulder pads via Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan. The straps of a good backpack should be four centimeters wide, in addition to being well padded. Hang the backpack of the two straps and in the dorsal area, never resting on the lower lumbar area and do not carry it with a single handle. Look for compartments. Compartments also may reduce clutter. Bembel is providing comfortable School Bags in Pakistan.

Softcover notebooks

If your child needs a notebook in which to write, always opt for softcover. They may be less attractive visually or they may seem inferior to the naked eye, but the truth is that they will be able to greatly reduce the weight and enjoy the same quality. All the race is about the weight and the softcover notebooks usually not have such weights but your child can carry easily.

Material needed

Teach them to always carry the necessary school material for the subjects they have during that day. Opted by small cases to introduce just what they need: pen, pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener and little else. You do not know the extra weight provided by the large cases! Rather than packing the lunchbox into a backpack, give your kids a separate lunchbox.

Request lockers at school

As we have said before, excess weight is a problem that directly affects the health of children, so it is convenient to negotiate with the school to propose a situation. One of them is to install lockers so that children can leave their belongings overnight, so they do not have to carry them daily.

And this step is so important that every school authority has to install a personal locker for each and every student for their betterment and comfort so by this initiative students not to bear the irritation on daily basis.

Promote digital resources

Another alternative to traditional books is to support digital resources such as tablets or digital books, and that is actually a much cheaper option if we consider the large financial outlay involved in the annual textbooks of our children. You will notice it in your savings! For your digital stuff Buy Laptop Bags Online from Bembel.

A good habit to correct this type of muscle pain is to maintain a correct posture during the school day, as for example, it is recommended to sit upright in the chair with a good back to the backrest.

What type of backpack do your children take to school? Check that all these tips are followed to help you take care of your back. If you share it, together we will be able to improve the situation in the schools.