Top 5 Apps To Boost Productivity In 2018

Apps To Boost Productivity

Being more productive is the need of the hour for all of us to meet the life challenges and grow in our careers.

However, with so much to handle, we can easily get lost amidst all the stuff that we have to manage and all we end up with is a feeling of underachievement.

Sometimes we are not able to meet deadlines while on other occasions we try to multitask only to find out we couldn’t finish any of the jobs we tried to accomplish.

With the recent boom of smartphones and the smartphone apps, however, things have become a lot simpler than what they used to be.

We have lots of options available that can actually power up our day to day activities and give us a more productive routine with the least possible effort.

Whether you are an Android user or have an iOS device at hand, here we have listed top 5 smartphone apps that can boost your productivity manifolds in 2018.

1) Alarmy

Alarmy Best Alarm App

Nobody can deny the fact that the beginning of a productive day is from waking up early in the morning. When you don’t get up early and are always late from office, you can’t really expect your rest of the day to be as productive as you like.

So, use Alarmy as your alarm solution for waking up early. It’s not like simple alarm solutions like setonlinealarm or other alarm apps that you may find at the app store.

It has a special way of waking you up as the alarm continues to ring until you snap a photo of a pre-registered object or solve a mathematical puzzle. That’s interesting! So, gear yourself up and develop a habit of rising early every morning with Alarmy.

2) Do

Do Best app for health

If you have a habit of forgetting important stuff in your day to day routine, can come to help you.

It can help stick to your schedule using to-do lists, notes, and reminders. The app can even be used to improve work team productivity as it lets you share the to-do lists with a group of people.

You can sync it between multiple devices you use so that you have access to the most updated stuff no matter how and from where you access the app. With its voice-entry features, you can set reminders and create your to-do lists ever more easily. And, the calendar integration allows you to manage tasks even better.

3) Buffer

Buffer app Social Media Best Automation Application

The buffer is your perfect tool for social media management. You can’t, probably, find a better tool to manage several social media accounts at a time and schedule your posts.

It even gives you detailed analytics to see how your social media accounts are performing. The app extends support for all popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

There are some limitations for the free users upon app usage and these limitations can be lifted by going for a premium plan.

4) Notion

Notion App

Another productivity app for both Android and iOS, Notion relies on AI and learns stuff from your inbox. By using your mail history, the app learns the messages that are more important and highlights them in the inbox so that you can refer to them easily.

With its Radar feature, you can easily close in on the messages for which you may have to give urgent replies to ensure better productivity. The app offers search features, swipe controls, and customizable notifications to make things go perfectly for your work routine.

5) Droptask

Droptask Best task management application for Android and iOS

It’s your perfect team and task management application for Android and iOS. The app takes a visual approach for coordinating all your projects.

Mind mapping being its inspiration for project and task presentation, the app makes things simpler with linked circles, color-coding, completion status, who is doing what, and how tasks interact with different other parts of the ongoing projects.

Remarkably useful and versatile, even the free version of the app allows you to manage 5-people teams. There are lots of amazing features are available with the paid version, however, including unlimited attachments, project members, etc.


So, use these top 5 apps in your work and daily routine to be the best version of you and become more productive than ever.

Each of them addresses a certain aspect of your life and allows you to make things go in a more organized manner boosting your overall productivity.

If you are already messed up due to productivity issues, why not give them a try? Even if you’re not interested in the paid versions at the moment, at least, try them for free.