Top 5 Most Effective Content Marketing Tools to Guarantee Success

Best marketing Tools to boost your website traffic

Nowadays, marketing is becoming a back-breaking task with each passing day. No matter what marketing strategy you pick up, it is becoming too competitive and difficult. In this situation, you can adopt one amazing marketing strategy called Content Marketing. This is one of the most popular marketing strategy used by many SEO specialist and pro bloggers.

You are slowly losing your loyal blog visitors and there’s no one to hear your voice and read your story. In this case, you have to act smartly and improve your marketing strategy or you’ll end up losing to your fellow competitors.

You might already have an idea that in today’s competitive world, companies and businesses are known because of their voice and stories, and by creating attractive and interesting content you can also give a tough competition to other bloggers and professionals in this field.

Most of the people think that getting started with content marketing campaign is a tedious task. Well, this may be the absolute truth if you’re not following a right technique. There are plenty of outstanding tools available in the market which can help you win this battle and help you to get started with your amazing content marketing campaign.

For this you have to change your way of thinking; think carefully as a marketer does. You’ve to offer your audience the content which is interesting and appealing at the same time, content which is useful and entertaining, easy to read and easy to follow.

This method will not just only help you driving more audience to your blog but also end up giving you a good search engine score. There are many search engines like Google which gives priority to blogs having good appealing content.

But, have you ever written such type of content? Do you have any idea how to get started with these kinds of stuff? What is the correct strategy which you need to follow in order to achieve your goals?

Well, if you answer is no, then you are good to go. Keep reading this article. In this article, I’ve listed some of the best content marketing tools which will not only help you get the loyal audience for your blog but also make your blog search engine friendly. That means these tools which I’ll be discussing in this blog post are essential if you want to make your blog successful.

So, let’s start.

Popular Content Marketing Tools to Boost Organic Traffic Under a Week

1. SEMrush


The very first tool, SEMrush. It is a widely used tool by bloggers and webmasters. This is one of my favorite SEO tools. This amazing tool is preferred by many successful marketers.

Whether you talk about keeping a track of your backlinks, keywords or monitoring your competitors, SEMrush is always there for you.

SEMrush is a lot more than any other SEO tool. You can easily determine the type of content which are trending in your niche. This allows you to create likely content, allows quality backlinks and beat your competitors in your niche without many efforts.

There are many amazing features offered by this tool, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Site SEO Audit

2. HTTP Audit

3. Crawl Reports

4. Keyword positioning tracker

5. Searching harmful links

6. Content explorer and many more…

If you have to create a remarkable blog then neglecting this tool can result in a big mistake for your blog. You can try their 14 Days Free Plan (By Pressing the below button “JOIN NOW FOR FREE”) and see a hike in your blog’s growth.

2. Curata


Next in our list, Curata. It is the most popular and powerful marketing tool which is specially designed for pro-bloggers and SEO specialists. This marketing tool helps you in achieving your goals within a month. You can easily take your content marketing to a whole new level if you choose to go with this marketing tool. It hardly matters whether you have just started with blogging or you are doing since years, with Curata you’ll definitely get good results.

Curata helps you achieve your goals on the basis of three broad things:

1. Helps you creating interesting content.

2. Analyzing marketing and sales effect.

3. Building an organized content supply chain.

This amazing tool is recommended by many big players in this industry and one of the biggest reason for their website’s success goes to Curata.

Not that much, but they can also help your content marketing plan with:

1. Their self-learning engine which will help you to discover the best resource available online.

2. Helps you with organizing your content effectively.

3. Allows you to publish and promote your content anywhere, anytime.

In all, I would like to strongly suggest this amazing tool, so that you can see how it plays a major role in your blog’s success.

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3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google offers a free tool to webmasters. This interesting tool will help you to keep a track of your progress. You can easily keep a nice record of your internet marketing campaign with the help of Google Analytics.

If you’re a blogger or an SEO specialist then you might have the idea about the importance of keeping a good record of your moves. Google Analytics clearly shows you when you’re doing great and when it’s just going ok.

Some of the most popular features offered by Google Analytics include:

1. Monitoring keywords which are driving most of the traffic to your blog.

2. Monitoring resources which helps you getting traffic.

3. What types of content are doing great for your blog?

4. How much traffic is generated each and every hour?

All the above-mentioned site metrics are super important in order to make a name in blogging. If you’re not yet using this killer tool then I urge you to start using this tool for your blog now and you’ll get to know everything you need for a good marketing campaign.

4. SocialPilot


Most of the new blogger thinks that creating good content, producing informative articles and entertaining your readers is what you need to build up a good blog. But that’s all you should be doing?

Let me tell you the fact, I agree that creating good content is a very important factor which you should work on. But that’s just one thing. After creating good content, marketing your content is equally important.

If you think that you’re creating quality content then you should work on your content marketing skills. But here’s what the next problem. Most of the bloggers don’t want to waste their valuable time promoting their content on social media platforms and online forums. In this situation, this tool comes as a life saver.

SocialPilot is a tool which you should be using if you have a similar problem. The best feature of this tool is its post scheduler. You simply have to select your time and date to publish your content across all major social media platforms. No just that, but you can easily post your link multiple times a month.

This tool helps to save a lot of our valuable time and helps in keep getting good traffic from all these social media platforms.

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

There are times when we are stuck thinking about new content. Creating unique, interesting and catchy headlines and writing about it is sometimes a bit difficult troublesome some. If seen properly then before what type of content you should create, you must work on with your content headlines.

Your blog posts headlines are what helps you driving more visitors to your blog. If you’re not able to generate a catchy headline then no matter how good your blog post is, it’s good for nothing.

Well, in case you face problems coming up with catchy and interesting blog posts headlines than let me introduce you an amazing tool. Portent’s content idea generator is what you need to create a unique title for your interesting blogs.

You simply have to search for your focused keywords and this tool will provide you with a large number of interesting, catchy titles that will help you drive lots of visitors to your blog. In case, you don’t like the results then you just have to refresh the page and you’ll see another great list of attractive titles for your blog posts.

This tool is very useful on those days when you run out of ideas and you need something fresh to work on.

Final words

To be a successful blogger you don’t need any particular skills, you just have to adopt the right methods and work with correct tools to produce quality content. According to a recent study, It has been proven that bloggers who worked on their content marketing strategy end up creating a successful blog.

All the above tools which I’ve mentioned will surely help you with your blog’s growth. But in case, you got any other tool or strategy which you would like to suggest then you can leave your valuable comment below in the comment section… 🙂