Top 5 Statement Spikes For Men

Spikes For Men

Even though spikes may not have a very good rep, spiky hair always have some style and texture to add to otherwise simple haircuts. Whether you’re up for soft and subtle spikes, an unstructured look, or something messier, there are lots of different ways you can make it look great on you. However, if you are not sure which hairstyle will work for you, here we have a complete guide for you to decide what type of look you should get with different hair textures and lengths. Let’s check out.

Spiky Pompadour

Pompadour always stands out as an all-time classic and it is a wonderful hairstyle that can sport a variety of different looks. It can work not only as a formal style but also as a casual one too. For that, we have different versions of the pompadour hairstyle, often highlighted at Men Hair Styles List, and if your hair is naturally spiky then you should definitely flaunt it in a spiky pompadour hairstyle. Rather than going with something rounded and smooth, go with basic style and spike the hair up rather than sweeping it in the backwards direction.

It is often hard to maintain long spiky hair in the same position and, therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from using a styling product like hairspray or pomade. If you can manage things carefully, you do not have to worry about having crispy hair. Make sure that you don’t forget to spike it all up, instead of bring it into the center because you are looking at something high and elevated. If achieved to perfection, spiky pompadour is a cool refresh from the original look.

Short And Spiky

The signature look for a spiky hairstyle, short spikes make a perfect hairstyle for men. And, obviously, you have quite a variety available in short spiky hairstyles for men and you can change the look according to the type of hair you have. You can style it with a fringe and can go with both simple and complex styles with fades. The sides can also be kept short while choosing for a bit longer spiky hair on top to have a more defined look. You may even want to go with the same overall length.

You may need some styling product depending on how lightly or strongly held spikes you want on top. Overall, you can expect a clean and subtle look that draws eyes upon you the sooner you leave your home. However, remember that you can’t just get it wrong because it will make you look the worst. For some definition in specific areas, it is advised to run the fingertips right through the hair. However, you shouldn’t spike up different sections deliberately as it will give you a dreaded look.

Faux Hawk Style

One of the most commonly achieved spiky haircuts for men, the faux hawk may seem a bit similar to spiky pompadour sometimes. However, the major difference between the two is that of the direction. Where spiky pompadour hairstyle is mainly about volume and goes sweeping back from the front, faux hawk is usually spiked towards the center and makes a small triangle shape on top of the head.

If you are looking for something that is vaguely structured then faux hawk really is the look for you. Remember, however, that there is nothing so formal about this look. To achieve the best results, you should have the sides faded as it will have an accentuating effect on its pointed top. If you don’t know how you can spike up such short hair then you can use some pomade or a bit heavier clay to have better hold.

Long Spikes For Men

The variety in spiky hairstyles is such that you can wear it with long hair as well. This hairstyle refers to thick and full hair which runs down to the chin easily. However, the look is not about having shoulder length hair or something even longer. So, you can try something with texture, a long sweeping fringe, or thick length overall that you can work into something stylishly messy.

As far as creating spikes on long hair is concerned, it predominantly depends on what type of texture you have. For coarse and thick hair which is really difficult to keep into place, you may want to use strong pomade for maintaining the shape. On the other hand, if your hair is fine and thin then some light wax with a good enough hairspray would do the job for you to achieve a perfectly textured and spiky look.

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Side Parted Spiky Hairstyle

Last, on the list, side parted spiky hair really make for a perfect hairstyle. The haircut gets some definition with the side part and it starts looking for structured while giving you the opportunity to do some experiment with the contrasting lengths. There can be quite a few different looks that you can try like going with faded sides, buzz cuts in certain areas, and longer sweeping fringes in order to achieve an overall dynamic hairstyle. A simple look to achieve would be smoothing down the hair on the shorter side while spiking it up where there is some length as it will create a wonderful contrast and textured fringe will be emphasized.

So, if you have been impressed by these wonderful statement spikes for men, you definitely should give one of them a try. The hairstyles have something unique about them and they really are different from the typical spiky looks that we are used to have. Above all, versatility is what sets them apart from the rest. Given them a try!