7 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Wikipedia

Facts You Never Knew About Wikipedia

Technology and science never fail to amaze us. There are many inventions and theories that have left mankind astonished. From the invention of airplanes and phones to modern vehicles and ways of communication, science has always amazed us.

Though there are a number of new inventions and advancements in different scientific disciplines that are worthy of our attention, the World Wide Web has a unique place in the list. It has introduced us to some of the most amazing ways to gain knowledge, communicate, and have entertainment.

It would not be unjustified if we say that after Google, Wikipedia is one of the most wonderful experiences that the internet offers.

Wikipedia is a website that has tons of information collected at one platform. It is like a collective brain of humanity that contains a lot of facts about almost all disciplines including history, law, political sciences, arts, science and technology, and culture.

This is a very unique site which most of the internet users use without knowing much about it. People do not know how Wikipedia collects articles and what its policies are. This article is going to reveal a few facts about this very helpful internet teacher, Wikipedia.

1# Wikipedia Pages Are Editable By Anyone

Many internet users who use Wikipedia, think that articles on Wikipedia are written and edited by experts and field specialists. Wikipedia believes in credibility and impartial, fact-based information so it allows all of its users to rectify, add, and challenge the information on the site. There are around 73000 editors from around the globe who actively contribute to the site. However, there is a whole procedure for editing and contributing information to the site.

2# “Five Pillars” of Wikipedia are Also Editable

Wikipedia has the community rules that are known as “Five Pillars” and they are the basic rule set that every contributor or the editor has to follow through. However, these Five Pillars are also wikis and thus, they can be edited by any of the editors. Funny, right?

3# Wiki Contributors are 80% Men

It is pretty surprising that a site that is used worldwide and has around 22 million editors from a hugely diversified demographic range is male-dominated. Not only that but also the biographies that are covered by the Wikipedia has more men profiles than women. This under representation of women is a problem that has been addressed by the Wikipedia and they are working on it to eliminate it.

4# Anyone can Hire a Wikipedia Editor

Wikipedia users know well that there are people who want to write for Wikipedia because they have some valuable information that they want to share with the world but they do not have time or skill to write. This is why many writing agencies and freelancing sites offer Wikipedia experts for hire. Popular personalities and scientist with huge contributions can have their Wikipedia pages without needing to write their own biographies.

5# Wikipedia has Weird Policy Titles

Policies are normally the most straightforward written material. However, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has policies that are silly. It has policy titles like “No climbing Reichstag dressed as Spiderman”, “Jimbo’s prayer”, and “No curses”. A really odd one is titled as “No angry Mastodons.”

6# Wikipedia has articles in 301 languages

Wikipedia is a multilingual website that supports a huge number of languages. Currently, Wikipedia has 301 language editions. It has contributors belonging to different cultural backgrounds and having different nationalities and these contributors contribute information in their own languages as well as English. Also, it supports different dialects as well.

7# Wikipedia was launched as a “dot com”

The site was initially launched as a dot com but since it was not willing to take advertisements, it had to change to “dot org” to make its policy regarding advertisements clear.

We are finishing the list here because it is not possible to discuss the infinite number of amazing facts related to the site. Wikipedia has much more surprising facts that most of its users never get to know. It is believed that Wikipedia is the biggest collection of encyclopedias in human history that is constantly evolving and becoming more amazing every day. Also, the site has started to use Artificial Intelligence to resolve the systematic and software glitches that it comes across due to its size and unique policies.